Russian Q&A – 31/03/16

Some more translations from Carnotzet; these ones are the usual answers coming from Sub_Octavian, taken from the RU Forums thread where he posts all his answers. A bit of a long one this time, probably since it’s been a while since there’s been a proper Q&A, likely a decent backlog for Sub_Octavian to clear out.

Q. How long is the delay between activating Damage Control Party and the fire being extinguished?

A. Not even a second. Nearly instantaneously.

Q. Before it is implemented in the game, I would like to know the values regarding the fire power of all the planes in the game. Especially as these values were changed with the 0.5.3.x update.

A. Let us wait until it is implemented in the client, all the more so that we plan to do it soon.

Q. Could you tell me what is the current shell normalization for the different nations? I also would like to see in game different values regarding shells and guns, such as shell velocity, shell mass, shell price, underwater penetration, underwater velocity, etc.

A. It is between 4-8.5 degrees. We will soon add shell velocity in the ship details. However, we won’t add too much information in order not to clutter the interface.

Q. Do you intend to add the report/compliment functionality to the chat in port?

A. We’re examining the idea.

Q. Does Vigilance increase planes torpedo detection range?

A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Why haven’t you released the RN tree yet?

A. Because it’s still in development. But, it will be added for certain.

Q. I recently learned that reporting for Plays badly doesn’t reduce karma. What about the other reports? Do you plan to improve the system?

A. Misbehaviour in chat and Bot reduce karma. All compliments increase it. We plan to improve the system.

Q. Do you plan to make the game support NVIDIA 3D Vision?

A. We conducted a study on a test version. For now, the game doesn’t support this technology.

There are some minor technical limitations regarding processed textures in shaders we could overcome.

However, we don’t intend to officially support the technology since we’re uncertain about the priority of such feature.

Q. Do you plan to add the cruiser Krasny Kavkaz?

A. We don’t plan to since she would probably be underpowered.

Q. Do yo plan to do something regarding the balance between high tier DD’s and BB’s ?

A. We will take appropriate measures; they are currently planned for update 0.5.5. We understand the problems high tier DD’s cause and would like to quickly solve them.

Q. Why do Arkansas, Imperator and Ishizuchi not have any (or very few) AA defense? Since at that tier, there are nearly always 2 enemy CV’s, do you consider this to be normal?

A. These ships are indeed defenseless against planes, however they have exceptional fire power. The exception is Ishizuchi, which will be buffed. If they had good AA, they would be extremely imbalanced.

Q. High tier DD’s seem to get detonated more frequently since patch Did you change anything?

A. This feature wasn’t touched at all. We wouldn’t want to add even more RNG to a random feature.

Q. Do you plan to implement fully player controlled secondary guns?

A. Technically, we could, but we have no intention to.

Q. It’s rather infuriating that even when I do well in a battle, I lose because my team is bad. It’s not uncommon that I end in first place, having 1.5 or 2 times the exp of the second player. I think it’s quite unfair I should be penalized by the randomness of which team I’m on. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to award players depending on their place on the final screen? For instance, the top player receives credits and xp equal to 100% of what a victory would give him. The second player receives 92%, third, 84%, and so on until the last player receives 8%. Players then would be encouraged to do well in the battle and not be carried by their team. What do you think?

A. The idea seems interesting and I passed it on to the developers in charge of profiles and statistics. Thank you!

1. Will you add a feature allowing us to see how many AA mounts we have left at any given time ? It would be also useful for CV’s to know how many AA guns remain on a ship.

A. As a result from the feedback and suggestions we received, we will implement this feature, but you’ll be able to see what’s left on your ship only.

2. Could you share any info regarding the mixed battles (ships + tanks) expected to take place on the global map ?

A. Unfortunately, I can’t share anything on this subject. Global battles developers wouldn’t appreciate.

3. How long will team battles last in their current form ? Are you happy with how they turned out ?

A. We’re happy with the results. We don’t know how long they will last for now. We plan to improve the system (we know exactly what we need to change) but it won’t be in the near future. At the moment, we need to solve far more important problems.

4. On the forums, there a lot of players whining about torpedoes at tier 4. Could you please provide statistics about what type of damage do BB’s take (and at what percentage) ?

A. In the last three days, damage received by BB’s is as follows: 18.5% from ship launched torpedoes (14.2% from air dropped torps, and 5.1% from flooding), 14.8% from fire, 26.7% from AP shells and 18.2% from HE shells. The rest is minimal (secondary guns, ramming).

5. How does Target Acquisition System Mod 1 work with Hydroaccoustic sonar ?

A. The module doesn’t affect the sonar at all. However, Vigilance works with the sonar and increases the torpedo detection range. So, for example, if the sonar increase torp detection range to 3.42km, with Vigilance, it would be increased to 4.27km.

6Why don’t you bring the old smoke screen visuals back ? Now it looks like a “haze” when you’re sailing in a smoke screen and it’s very hard to tell when I’m in it and when I’m out. I know there’s a mod that shows smoke screen limits but I don’t want to install any mod; I find the game very good without mods.

A. We changed it because it was very bad technically and visually speaking. The problem you talk about (and rightly so) makes our current version of the smoke inadequate. A solution to this is on the way, stay tuned.

7. We’re still waiting for voice-acting specific to each nation. When will it be added ?

A. We’re making good progress on it. We will soon release an official mod with full voice-acting for every nation (except Poland). After that, we will work on implementing it directly in the client.

8. Why can we only buy 6 ships in game?

A. Because we don’t want all ships to be purchasable all the time, we want some limited offers. The selection will be expanded in the future and there will be a more interesting selection of ships for those who have bought all the ships.

9. Why certain ships are taken out from the in game shop? What can we spend our doubloons on?

A. During this year, we plan to sell ships in the in game shop as well. Follow the news.

10. Why are balance changes so drastic? Why aren’t you more light handed?

A. I agree we made some drastic balance changes, it was our decision and we took responsibility. However, we also understood why players were so upset and took into account the disadvantages of such a method. Now, we try to act more precisely.

11. Where do the players go after their favourite ships has been nerfed?

A. This is classified information, but, in general, they continue to play with their ship or find another one that suits them. The flow of players was, for the most part, tied to technical problems and updates of insufficient quality.

12. Where did you get the idea that players need to be organised in random? Isn’t it more likely they will sooner quit the game than be organised?

A. They don’t really to be organised, it’s enough if they go more or less in the same direction their team mates are going. Which happens frequently. And it’s not only to boost the group’s AA defense but it also increased the chance of winning.

13. Will there be team battle with fewer ships in the future (3v3, 4v4, 5v5) ? It would increase the number of teams since currently a lot of players refuse to take part in team battles because they don’t have enough friends.

A. In theory, yes.

14. Can we expect tournaments ?
A. Yes.

15. Can we expect replays to be built into the game client ?

A. Yes.

16. In the ladder part of the site, could you add a button to search for specific teams?

A. Yes.

17. Could you allow players to copy the name of players in the game (to paste them then in a browser) or to directly see players’ profile in game?

A. Yes, we plan to allow players to see profiles in game.

[Regarding the last five questions] In brief, we will improve the game for progammers but, first, we want to prioritize the features that are also requested by ordinary players since they make up for the bulk of our playerbase. If they’re not satisfied, it’s useless to talk about the professional aspect of the game.

According to this post, repair costs [only repair costs, not maintenance costs] will be reduced by 20% during the whole month of April. For now, this only concerns the Russian cluster.

I’ll note that the first question, about the Damage Control Party, is technically incorrect: when you use DCP to stop a fire, it’s not instantaneous, even if you hit the button right away. You’ll always take one second/tick of damage from the fire or flooding.

Nothing to get super excited about for this round of Q&A, but it’s good to see some stuff get cleared up.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, RU Forums dev Q&A thread



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