Chinese Server Leaks

I’ve come across something very interesting… if it’s true. On a Chinese WoWs site, there’s some info, along with screenshots, about a new premium carrier, as well as changes to both the (unreleased except in China) Japanese cruiser Tone, and a buff to the USS Atlanta.

The aircraft carrier, at tier 8, is definitely the Zuikaku, sister ship to the in-game Shokaku. The Tone is getting proper air groups – in real life, she wasn’t a true heavy cruiser, but an aviation cruiser – and the Atlanta is getting improved torpedoes, among potentially other buffs.

Keep in mind though that this is all coming to the surface on today of all days: April 1st. So, take this all with a bag of salt, because I wouldn’t be surprised if it all turns out to be false and a clever trickery with magical Chinese Photoshop skills or something; these things might not even come to EU/NA/RU/ASIA anytime soon, either, because the Chinese server plays by its own rules. Do not take this as gospel.

But, there’s also a chance that this is true.



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