Russian Q&A – 29/04/16

Normal Q&A material today, and some other hints about upcoming stuff. Seems like the Russians are releasing lots of videos lately, probably building up to big/interesting announcements in May; thanks to Carnotzet for translating the Q&A, and Babykim for translating/transcripting various RU forums and video info.

1. Since the nerf to 25mm AA guns, IJN BB’s have a hard time shooting down planes. Is there a chance you will change this situation?

A. We plan to improve AA on several IJN BB’s. They won’t be as effective as their US counterparts at shooting down planes, but they will stand a better chance than today.

2. Have you considered adding night battles? You could also add spotlights and tracer shells to that end.

A. We already considered this. However, we currently see night battles as visual effects only. We’re not ready to experiment with a day/night cycle which would affect the gameplay. For now, we still need to work on weather effects.

3. I saw you’re adding a lot of information to the port, such as initial velocity. Would you consider adding detection penalty according to a chosen preset?

A. In patch 0.5.6, we plan to add more information in the port characteristics and also show effective detection ranges on the minimap (players will be able to choose which radia they want to show).

1. Why are Tashkent’s stock and top hulls mixed up? The 76mm turret was added after her modernization whereas in game, the turret is on the stock hull and not on the top one.

A. The stock hull on the in-game Tashkent is the historical “top” hull, and our top hull is how we think she would look like after a second modernization.

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Free Premium Time/Signal Flags (NA)

As an apology for the UI issues, the NA server is getting 1 day of premium time and 3 of each signal flag for free. You can get a code for these just by logging in anytime before the 1st of May. The code will be given out after May 1st.

Since they don’t have the patch yet, it’s unlikely the other servers will get this little gift. It’s nice, though. Thanks, WG.


A List of Maps

I decided to create a list of maps, their applicable tiers, as well as their sizes. This sort of thing isn’t really available (or, for that matter, easily accessible) on the regular wiki for the game, so I made my own based on the relatively well-kept Russian wiki. The information I’ve written right now isn’t completely in-depth, as I haven’t written anything like a strategy guide for each; this is just for information.

Currently I’ve updated it to patch 5.5, not including the changes made to Atlantic and Trap. Take a look here:

Russian Q&A – 27/04/16

A roundup of various information collected/translated by Babykim and Carnotzet on the EU forums. Some actually good stuff this time! Unfortunately, nothing solid, really, only things we can speculate about, so speculate away.

Edit: updated pictures with higher resolution ones

1. New minimap with extended functionality


2. Landmarks to be shot


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5.5 Public Test Rewards Available

The rewards for partaking in the patch 5.5 public test are being given out gradually now; you should be able to get yours by checking the respective page for your server. The links are below, but if you’re not on EU, it might not be available yet. I’m on NA and I just checked only to get nothing, so if you’re like me, just give it a while. You’ve got a month to claim your PT rewards so there’s no real rush.


5.5 Bugs/Delay Update

As it turns out, the rubes on the NA server were some kind of twisted guinea pig project for WG! Or at least that’s how I interpret this; a hotfix came out today for the NA server that should fix the UI problems people have been suffering, and assuming nothing else goes wrong, the EU and ASIA servers will get the patch tomorrow on the 29th with the hotfix included.

For a more in-depth explanation and stuff, check the source link below.