Misc. Info – 30/03/16

Just some general, small things. Saipan apparently was too OP, Campbeltown isn’t coming yet, and survey information. Translations all courtesy of Carnotzet, of course.



Kinda interesting to see how NA is pretty gung-ho about a new ship, while SEA seems a little unsure about unskilled players getting their mitts on one. Overall though most people seem, yes, very happy just to see a new ship in the game. That’s how I feel as well, though I don’t play carriers much so I’m not sure if I’ll get the Saipan ever.

“Until now, the Saipan loadout (Mk7 mod1) consisted of 2 fighter squadron and 3 TB squadrons (consisting of 3 planes each)


Her loadout will be modified to give players two options:

  • Mk7 mod1: 3 fighter squadrons (3 planes each), 1 DB squadron (8 planes)
  • Mk8 mod1: 2 fighter squadrons (3 planes each), 2 TB squadrons (3 planes each)


The hangar capacity will remain as it currently is.


The reason behind these changes was that, in her first iteration, Saipan could be played efficiently even by players who haven’t touched CV’s at all. Her first setup was adequate for a tier 8 ship, but not for tier 7. Now, we will make sure the new variants are in line with tier 7, as it was originally planned.”

Lastly, according to a post on the EU forums by user Hedgehog1963, MrConway says the HMS Campbeltown is stuck in testing and isn’t fully balanced yet. This is the reason why she hasn’t been released, and there’s no ETA on her yet.


Sources: EU Info Thread, RU thread about 5.4.1, Dev post about WoWs email survey, EU post about Campbeltown


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