World of Warships Meets… Basketball?


Yes, the thing about NA getting four new camouflages is indeed… about basketball. Of all the things, apparently WG has found there’s some demographic crossover between March Madness fans and WoWs players? I have no idea. For those of you not in the know, right about now there’s a major men’s college basketball tournament on in the USA, and it’s one of the biggest sports events of the year by far. I’m not much of a basketball fan myself, but March Madness has a pretty big cultural presence, so I suppose a little tie-in maybe makes sense. It even sounds maybe a bit fun, sort of.

Choose which nation gets bonuses and discounts!

Are you still caught in the madness of March? Hit the court in our latest event by voting for your favorite final-four teams (nations). Whichever team gets the most votes wins the top prize. Even if your team only makes it past the first round of elimination, you’re still on deck for some mid-tier discounts!

Pick a Team ⇒ Each specially-named camouflage represents one nation — your team!

Equip Your Team’s Camo ⇒ Equip your team’s camouflage. Each use counts as one vote for your team.

Enjoy Discounts and Missions

The winning teams determine which nation receives discounts and bonuses!

Note: In order to participate in the voting process of Camouflage Faceoff (using camouflage), you must achieve Service Record level 9+.

Pick a Team

Each specially-named camouflage represents one team. The only thing that counts as a vote is the camouflage you choose to use. This means you could captain a US, German, or Russian ship but vote for Japan by purchasing the corresponding camouflage. Whichever team get the most votes, that nation will get an in-game special in their honor (details further below)!

  • Team USA: American Alley-Oop Camouflage
  • Team Japan: Japanese Slam Dunk Camouflage
  • Team Russia: Russian Nothing But Net Camouflage
  • Team Germany: German Layup Camouflage

Equip Your Team’s Camo

Purchase your team’s camo from the “Exterior” tab. Every time you do, it’s  one vote for your team to make it to the “Finals” and “Winner’s Weekend!”

Want to keep voting for your team again and again? Enable “Auto-resupply” in your camouflage settings!

Enjoy Discounts and Missions

The two leading teams will recieve discounts and bonuses at the Finals taking place from April 8 – 11. The team with the most votes will be crowned the winner and receive discounts and bonuses during “Winner’s Weekend,” taking place from April 15 – 18.

Finals (April 8 – 11)

  • x2 XP First-win Bonus
  • 30% Credit Discount for <winning team A> and <winning team B> ships tiers VI & VII
  • Mission: Win a PvP battle while using a ship from <winning team A> or <winning  team B> to earn +50% Commander XP

Winner’s Weekend (April 15 – 18)

  • x2 XP First-win Bonus
  • 15% Credit Discount for <winning team> ships tiers VIII – X
  • Mission: Earn 10 Ribbons in a single PvP battle using a ship from <winning team> to earn x2 Command XP & +25% Credits for the battle

Winning teams represent associated nations only! Those nations will receive the discounts and missions mentioned above (e.g., if “American Alley-Oop” wins, US ships would get the discount).

It’s silly, yeah, but I’ll give it a go myself. This is NA only, though, and I find it incredibly unlikely that any other server will get this event. Thank you based NA event creators.



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