Various Russian Info – 29/03/16

Not a Q&A exactly, but on the EU forums both Takru and Carnotzet have salvaged some information from on the RU forums about a number of different topics. I’ll post a collection of what they’ve found and translated below. It’s not much, but I suppose in this case it’s more a case of quality over quantity, I guess.

(On test-drive ships, like what happened with the introduction of the Russian destroyers and German Cruisers):

“We won’t run drive-tests anymore since they failed to deliver the expected results. We received negative feedback and there were countless pages of negative discussion on the forums. Moreover, they didn’t give us enough relevant statistics about the progression of the new lines.

Some players had a hard time destroying two ships in a single battle. Some thought that, having earned the ships, they could keep them forever and we hadn’t the right to take them away. Others thought they couldn’t farm the ships and the event was “and incentive to lose silvers”. All in all, the negative outcry was considerable, and the test-drives didn’t change players’ opinion about the new lines or their progression whatsoever.”

In other news, there were some speculations over on the French forums about the upcoming French premium ship.

Tanatoy explained that the ship has already been decided upon for some time (they have already visited archives to collect data) and that, according to him, it will please everyone. To learn more about it, we’ll have to wait a few months.

GASOVER also said that it will apparently be a low-tier ship.

  • Radar was added to US cruisers and hydroaccoustic sonar was buffed partly to counter torpedo walls. However, it’s not the only plans they have to solve this problem.
  • Regarding turret destruction, they plan to “reinforce” turrets (by a 1.5-2.5 factor) in the next updates.
  • Various specific buffs to RU DD’s stats (this concerns nearly all RU DD’s) are also planned.
  • They also plan to rework  high tier IJN torpedoes and making high tier IJN DD’s adopt a more aggressive gamestyle

All of this will not come at once. First, it’s unlikely we can make all of these changes at once and consider them of a satisfactory quality. Secondly, we would like to implement accurate balance fixes, and not repeat our past mistakes.

  • There are 4 Myoko class ships planned for ARP in total, the next ARP event for RU Server will come in April.
  • Someone complains (again) that it takes 9.999.999 XP from captain rank 18 to rank 19. This was made because the devs have yet to enter the next stage of captain development.
  • AA on ships like the Bogatyr is based on game balancing purpose

Very quick news regarding Ishizuchi. They plan to buff her main guns and survivability, but won’t change her AA defense. They didn’t disclose any details but we know (very broadly) what aspects they plan to change.


And still no second ARP event for NA! I find it bizarre that nothing’s been done about it, but I suppose we can be happy with the continued assertion that it’s going to arrive “soon” for NA – whenever that might be. Perhaps April, in line with the next event for the RU server?

I’m also glad about turrets getting stronger. I don’t particularly mind turrets getting incapacitated as it is now, but even playing something like the Iowa you’ll often suffer turrets getting blown up. It shouldn’t be that easy.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, Several RU Forum thread Dev posts



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