USS Saipan Requirements

A few times the idea of personal offers has come up, in regards to players who meet certain requirements being given access to special offers, including premium ships and stuff. Now, we’ve got the first real case of that, with the Saipan.

According to a translation by Babykim on the EU forums, you’ll need 20+ wins in any carrier, and you have to play at least one battle in a carrier of tier 5 or higher. Then you’ll get the offer for the Saipan, which will allegedly cost around 9500 doubloons (or equivalent real money). This hasn’t been implemented yet; it’ll show up in the future.

Also, the 20% repair cost reduction for ships of tiers 8-10 should be starting from April 1st. Sounds like a great setup for an April Fool’s joke to me!

Personally, I really think that the baseline requirements for this offer are ridiculous. Saipan herself is a tier 7 carrier, so by default a player who wants to buy her should have a tier 7 – rather than tier 5 – aircraft carrier, just to show they’re vaguely familiar with gameplay up at that tier. We’ll see if this changes, since there’s still time for WG to change how this personal offer will work.

Sources: RU Forums, EU Forums info thread


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