HMS Campbeltown ETA: Imminent

The much-awaited (sort of…) HMS Cambeltown will most likely arrive within the next few days, possibly on the 28th – the anniversary of Operation Chariot.

I’ve got two simple reasons: for one, the scheduled Operation Chariot event is ongoing on the EU server, and they’ve heavily hinted at the ship for the past while, and two, YouTuber The Mighty Jingles has a video review ready for the HMS Campbeltown which he was going to post today but was quickly told not to. She is near!

She’s only a tier 3 ship, but she should be nice as a port decoration, at least. I’m not sure if the NA server will get her like the EU server will, though; I do have some paranoid fear that we’ll have a temporary exclusive situation or something going on. Hopefully not.



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