Royal Navy Teaser Found


This might’ve been brought up before, but I haven’t seen it get much attention: in the video about Russian cruisers that WG released just recently (the one that focused on their development) there was a tiny bit of a tease: if you pause the video at the right time, you can see someone working on what’s very clearly a cruiser of the Royal Navy.

In a thread on the NA forums, the user Trainspite posted a picture (above) that showed the cruiser, and then a dev, defklo, later confirmed that yes, she is a variant of the HMS Minotaur, design Z4A.

So, there’s your confirmation and some speculation fuel: HMS Minotaur is going to be in the game, possibly as a normal tech tree ship, and from what we can tell the devs are progressing fairly well on the British cruisers. Maybe they’ll arrive at the same time as German battleships?

Source: NA Forums


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