Campbeltown/Saipan Leaked Stats

There’s been a small test update, and now gamemodels3d has the info on both HMS Campbeltown and USS Saipan. I’ll start with the little destroyer, and then tell you about the carrier, just to save the best for last.

Also note that, as usual, these stats are subject to change and are definitely not final; don’t go too crazy with speculation over this, just enjoy what these ships will be like on paper before we get to play with them.


Tier 3 British Premium Destroyer Campbeltown

Health: 8 900

Main Battery: 3×1 102mm/50 Mk. XII

  • Main gun firing range: 9.2km
  • Reload speed: 7s (8.5rpm)
  • 180° traverse time: 15.7s (11.5°/s)
  • HE max damage: 1500
  • AP max damage: 1700
  • HE projectile speed: 884m/s
  • AP projectile speed: 884m/s

Air Defence: 2×1 12.7mm Browning M2 mod. 2, 76.2mm/40 QF Mk. II

Torpedoes: 2×3 533mm Triple Mk. I

  • Max range: 7.5km
  • Speed: 57kts
  • Damage: 12 072
  • Reload speed: 63s (1rpm)


  • Maximum speed: 35.0 kts
  • Turning radius: 520m
  • Rudder shift time: 3.5s


  • Surface detectability range: 6.66km
  • Detectability when firing: 9.72km
  • Air detectability range: 3.06km

Consumables: Smoke Generator, Engine Boost


Tier 7 American Premium Aircraft Carrier Saipan

Health: 44 600

Air Wing: 3×3 Douglas AD1 Torpedo Bombers, 2×3 Vought F4U-4 Fighters

  • Reserve: 20x TB, 13x Fighters
  • Launch Time: 7.4s (TB), 6.2s (Fighters)
  • Max Speed: 194kts (TB), 178kts (Fighters)
  • Torpedo Damage: 9781

Air Defence: 4×4 40mm Bofors Mk.2, 11×2 40mm Bofors Mk.1, 15×2 20mm Oerlikon Mk.20


  • Maximum speed: 33.0 kts
  • Turning radius: 920m
  • Rudder shift time: 20.8s


  • Surface detectability range: 12.24km
  • Air detectability range: 12.72km

So, from what it seems, the Saipan will be at Tier 7, not at Tier 6 like the previous picture I showed described. Or maybe she’ll get changed around again; these stats are always up for change, and we won’t know how these ships will perform or what their actual stats will be until they finally get released.

Soon, hopefully.

Source: Gamemodels3d


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