USS Arizona Superconfirmed

The red-topped turrets give her away.

A couple days ago, WG released a nice little artwork for an otherwise irrelevant day. Pi Day has nothing to do with warships, but I suppose it gave them a decent opportunity to tease an upcoming ship, one which was leaked in an earlier datamine: the USS Arizona.

You can tell it’s her in the picture above just by looking at her turrets and superstructure: red paint on top is what she in particular was famous for, and then you’ve got the tripod masts of a Pennsylvania-class. So, hopefully we’ll be getting her soon! I’ve been grinding out the USN battleship line, and it’d be nice to have a premium. I imagine Arizona will be around Tier 6 or so.



5 thoughts on “USS Arizona Superconfirmed”

  1. Mentions of USS Arizona appeared in the game files in I didn’t do an exhaustive search (at all); I only saw it listed in camouflages.xml (as PASB506_Arizona_1941) with camouflage textures referenced ( Neither the ship model/textures nor the camouflage texture are actually present, though.

    Saipan is also mentioned in camouflages.xml, though that’s not much of a secret.

    For some reason, by the time a new patch comes out I forget that the South Carolina is referred to as Michigan (a sister ship) in the game files, so whenever I’m nosing around after a patch and see “PASB001_Michigan_1916” I get excited that there’s a new low-tier American BB coming out.

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    1. Low tiers are all fine and stuff, but I’m not sure if anyone really wants another South Carolina of all things. 😛

      I’m hoping Arizona shows up in the game files once 5.4 is out; some people suspect she might be released for the anniversary of Pearl Harbour, but in my opinion she’ll be released around Memorial Day at the latest. Depends on what kind of marketing strategy they’ve got planned, like how Campbeltown will more than likely be out very soon to coincide with the St. Nazaire Raid’s anniversary.


      1. A tier 3 battleship is something I would play five times and then it will collect dust, alongside my other low-tier prems (Emden, Albany, Tachibana, Arkansas, Iwaki…) but I’d still *want* it. (I keep every premium I get, including all those worthless New Year’s tanks in WoT.)

        I concur with your Memorial Day assessment. At first blush, it would seem strange to begin incorporating the ship into the game nine months before a prospective release; but then, Tachibana and Kamikaze were in the game in various ways for a long time, too. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Buffalo, Worcester and Pensacola 1930?

        (I’ve heard somewhere that a new US T7 cruiser prem is coming soon, surely that will be the torpedo-armed Pensacola 1930?)


      2. The devs said a while back that Buffalo (and presumably Worcester, too) won’t be added in the game this year. They’re still there in the files, though, models and everything!

        And yeah, I’d get Michigan as well, if only for a nice port decoration. Arkansas is one I play semi-regularly, though, she’s not a bad ship. 😛


  2. The Arizona actually DIDN’T have red turrets. The order was issued but never completed. My grandfather is a USS Arizona survivor and one of the last six alive. He scrubbed those turrets, and believe me or rather him… they were NEVER red.


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