Patch 5.3.2 Datamine

Over on reddit, iku_19 has datamined the game files of patch 5.3.2 with his hacker skills and stuff, and brings us some information that wasn’t in the patch notes. I’ve taken a couple things out, though; the April Fools event details are in this, and since some people might not want to spoil themselves as to what’s coming, I’ve cut it out. If you want to see that, then go check it out on reddit.

Game Parameters

  • Fighter skillshots now use 4x ammo (instead of 3x) and deal 10x damage (rather than 6x)
  • Bogue now has 18 hangar spaces (was 16)
  • Saipan is removed from the data (Probably cleanup from legacy data, she had two hulls)
  • ATBA.AuraFar.enableCrewSelectedTargetCoeff variable got set to True on Carriers, Battleships, and Cruisers (Secondaries get more accurate when targets are selected)
  • Artillery.AuraFar.enableCrewSelectedTargetCoeff variable got set to True on Destroyers
  • PT’s Sonar is retained, but not used
  • RLS (Radar) is added, but not used on public ships
  • Yuubari’s armor got thicker by 5mm in certain places
  • Katori gets special MM (max T4)
  • Myoko’s STOCK artillery range got reduced to 15.58km (was 16.08km)
  • Mogami’s STOCK artillery range got increased to 14.24km (was 13.70km)
  • ARP Haguro added
  • ARP Haguro Captain added
  • ARP Kirishima (Bear) Captain added
  • Stock modules got their cost reduced to 0 (I don’t know if this will mean that ships will get cheaper or it was just to clean some old data up)
  • Soviet cruisers from T2 to T10
  • New Camouflage

Game Artifacts

  • Soviet Cruisers from T2 to T10, including one premium
  • ARP Haguro
  • ARP Haguro Captain
  • New Camouflage

Game Localization

  • Any accuracy upgrade will now show the dispersion coefficient in the tooltip
  • Arizona text added
  • HMS Campbeltown text added
  • Text data for the following port ship parameters: Shell weight, velocity, and ship MM tier

Differences from PT

  • Bogatyr (A+B hull) shot-delay changed to 9 (was 8.57)
  • Bogatyr (C hull), Svetlana, Profintern shot-delay changed to 10 (was 7.5)
  • Kirov shot-delay changed to 15 (was 17)


  • PJSX7##_Support is a dummy ship to create captains since they require a ship. A new one got introduced with ARP Kirishima (Bear)

There you have it! Some buffs, some nerfs, and definite confirmation of two of the upcoming premiums: USS Arizona, and HMS Campbeltown. They were more or less expected, really, so it’s nothing shocking, but it’s pretty cool that they’re (probably, hopefully) arriving within the next couple of patches.



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