WoWs/Arpeggio Missions: Stage 2

The new reward sh

Sorry for the lack of news yesterday! I was working literally all day, from 5 in the morning to midnight, it was hell.

Now, to start off the news roundup, the second set of Arpeggio missions has been announced, starting today for all (or at least EU/ASIA, so far) servers. ASIA just has to do a bunch of damage over a few sets of missions, totaling 2 million damage, and then they get ARP Kirishima as a reward, and the character Iona as a commander.

EU on the other hand… well, they’ve got missions that last for two whole months, but are a hell of a lot harder. Thousands of main battery hits, millions of damage done, 100 kills; I’ll post them below so you can see exactly what you’ve got to accomplish.

Sisters of Fog: Ends 1st of May, open to ships of Tier 5 or higher.

Stage 1: Cause 1,000,000 damage. Reward: Commander Haruna.

Stage 2: Land 2,000 main battery hits.

Stage 3: Cause 2,000,000 damage.

Stage 4: Land 3,000 main battery hits. Reward: ARP Hiei (A Kongo, not the one pictured above).

Captain Extraction: Ends 1st of May, open to ships of Tier 7 or higher.

Stage 1: Get credit for 100 kills.

Stage 2: Cause 10,000,000 damage.

Stage 3: Win a battle and finish in the top 2 by xp earned. Reward: Commander Hiei, with 16 skill points.

That’s a long as hell slog to get to Hiei, but she’ll come with 16 points, which is worth it in my opinion. Even better, these missions can be done in Ranked or Team Battles as well, and don’t really include as many especially bad stages like “Kill X amount of destroyers” or “set X fires” and so on. Those don’t exactly lead to good gameplay, I think, but then again we probably will see some kill-stealing with this one, as well.

Otherwise, I think the fancy new corrosion torpedo effect looks great.



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