Misc. Info – 30/03/16

Just some general, small things. Saipan apparently was too OP, Campbeltown isn’t coming yet, and survey information. Translations all courtesy of Carnotzet, of course.



Kinda interesting to see how NA is pretty gung-ho about a new ship, while SEA seems a little unsure about unskilled players getting their mitts on one. Overall though most people seem, yes, very happy just to see a new ship in the game. That’s how I feel as well, though I don’t play carriers much so I’m not sure if I’ll get the Saipan ever.

“Until now, the Saipan loadout (Mk7 mod1) consisted of 2 fighter squadron and 3 TB squadrons (consisting of 3 planes each)


Her loadout will be modified to give players two options:

  • Mk7 mod1: 3 fighter squadrons (3 planes each), 1 DB squadron (8 planes)
  • Mk8 mod1: 2 fighter squadrons (3 planes each), 2 TB squadrons (3 planes each)


The hangar capacity will remain as it currently is.


The reason behind these changes was that, in her first iteration, Saipan could be played efficiently even by players who haven’t touched CV’s at all. Her first setup was adequate for a tier 8 ship, but not for tier 7. Now, we will make sure the new variants are in line with tier 7, as it was originally planned.”

Lastly, according to a post on the EU forums by user Hedgehog1963, MrConway says the HMS Campbeltown is stuck in testing and isn’t fully balanced yet. This is the reason why she hasn’t been released, and there’s no ETA on her yet.


Sources: EU Info Thread, RU thread about 5.4.1, Dev post about WoWs email survey, EU post about Campbeltown


World of Warships Meets… Basketball?


Yes, the thing about NA getting four new camouflages is indeed… about basketball. Of all the things, apparently WG has found there’s some demographic crossover between March Madness fans and WoWs players? I have no idea. For those of you not in the know, right about now there’s a major men’s college basketball tournament on in the USA, and it’s one of the biggest sports events of the year by far. I’m not much of a basketball fan myself, but March Madness has a pretty big cultural presence, so I suppose a little tie-in maybe makes sense. It even sounds maybe a bit fun, sort of.

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5.4.1 Datamine Notes

From iku_19 on reddit, just a bit of info that wasn’t in the patch notes. Mostly minor, but… well, there’s one amusing note there regarding the Moskva. Drunk Russian balance!

These are only changes and details not present in the official patch notes.

  • Moskva’s belt armor is increased to 155mm (was 0mm LOL)
  • Lo Yang still has old sonar
  • April 1st data preload


  • Saipan no longer has the 2/3/0 loadout, now has a choice between 3/0/1 and 2/0/2 2/2/0.


They’re getting better with making patch notes.

Mod compatibility: (mods that edit these files will probably break)

  • camouflages.xml
  • camerasConsumer.xml
  • windows_consumer.xml
  • anything in scripts
  • gui/flash/battle_stats.swf
  • gui/flash/consumer**.swf
  • gui/flash/crosshair_screen.swf
  • gui/flash/ship_state.swf
  • gui/battle_elements.xml
  • gui/battle_layout.xml
  • content/GameParams.data


It seems that the Haruna and Kirishima (Bear) captains have unique VA (every other has Iona)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4cklnx/datamined_changes_between_0540_and_0541/

Patch 5.4.1 / April Fools

Patch 5.4.1 will be arriving tomorrow, and there’s a good few things coming along with it, notably the USN cruiser radar we’ve been waiting for, as well as a sonar buff that was cut just before 5.4 came out and now has been re-added. Seems like it passed testing, finally.

Here are the notes:

  • The Captain and Goldfish have [REDACTED], be on the lookout for [REDACTED]!
  • Russian cruisers Moskva and Dmitry Donskoy have been given the “Repair Party” consumable
  • Central belt armor for Moskva now extends below the waterline
  • Svetlana’s acceleration was improved (Dev Note: The maximum speed has not been changed, but Svetlana now has acceleration similar to ships of her tier)
  • Saipan (not yet publicly available) received Douglas AD2 bombers in addition to F4U-4 fighters
  • US bomber planes’ chances to start fires reduced. The 500 lb. ANM64 reduced by 10% and 1,000 lb. ANM65 reduced by 18% (Dev Note: The American HE shells caused fires in nearly all cases, it was simply too powerful. The chance is still high, but now there is a larger window to avoid being set ablaze)
  • US cruisers gained the “Radar Surveillance” consumable at tiers VIII+ (for a comparison to Russian cruisers check the chart at the link below)
  • Binocular view now features a longer horizontal sight leaf
  • The battle timer was enlarged
  • “Arpeggio” torpedo effects have been added to the client (“Arpeggio” events are not currently active for the North American region, but will continue at a future date)
  • Four new camouflages were added to the client for a future in-game event in the North American region
  • German cruisers: Ship detection for “Hydroacoustic Search” now begins at 4.98km at tier IV and gradually increases every tier to 5.88km at tier X; torpedo detection begins at 3.48km at tier IV and gradually increases every tier to 4.02km at tier X (see chart below)
  • All other cruisers: Ship detection for “Hydroacoustic Search” now begins at 3.48km at tier IV and gradually increases every tier to 4.92km at tier X; torpedo detection begins at 2.52km at tier IV and gradually increases every tier to 3.42km at tier X (see chart at the link below)


An event for NA? Sounds nice, at least, though there’s the continued little notice there that eventually more Arpeggio missions will arrive – who knows when, though.

And, of course, USN cruisers getting radar, as we expected. I didn’t copy the tables showing the radar and sonar stats, so just check those out at the source link; it looks nicers there anyhow.  Also a bit of a Moskva buff, USN bomber nerfs, and small changes all around. I’m looking forward to April Fool’s in a couple days, so hopefully it’s as good as last year!

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/bad-advice-bathtub/

Various Russian Info – 29/03/16

Not a Q&A exactly, but on the EU forums both Takru and Carnotzet have salvaged some information from on the RU forums about a number of different topics. I’ll post a collection of what they’ve found and translated below. It’s not much, but I suppose in this case it’s more a case of quality over quantity, I guess.

(On test-drive ships, like what happened with the introduction of the Russian destroyers and German Cruisers):

“We won’t run drive-tests anymore since they failed to deliver the expected results. We received negative feedback and there were countless pages of negative discussion on the forums. Moreover, they didn’t give us enough relevant statistics about the progression of the new lines.

Some players had a hard time destroying two ships in a single battle. Some thought that, having earned the ships, they could keep them forever and we hadn’t the right to take them away. Others thought they couldn’t farm the ships and the event was “and incentive to lose silvers”. All in all, the negative outcry was considerable, and the test-drives didn’t change players’ opinion about the new lines or their progression whatsoever.”

In other news, there were some speculations over on the French forums about the upcoming French premium ship.

Tanatoy explained that the ship has already been decided upon for some time (they have already visited archives to collect data) and that, according to him, it will please everyone. To learn more about it, we’ll have to wait a few months.

GASOVER also said that it will apparently be a low-tier ship.

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USS Saipan Requirements

A few times the idea of personal offers has come up, in regards to players who meet certain requirements being given access to special offers, including premium ships and stuff. Now, we’ve got the first real case of that, with the Saipan.

According to a translation by Babykim on the EU forums, you’ll need 20+ wins in any carrier, and you have to play at least one battle in a carrier of tier 5 or higher. Then you’ll get the offer for the Saipan, which will allegedly cost around 9500 doubloons (or equivalent real money). This hasn’t been implemented yet; it’ll show up in the future.

Also, the 20% repair cost reduction for ships of tiers 8-10 should be starting from April 1st. Sounds like a great setup for an April Fool’s joke to me!

Personally, I really think that the baseline requirements for this offer are ridiculous. Saipan herself is a tier 7 carrier, so by default a player who wants to buy her should have a tier 7 – rather than tier 5 – aircraft carrier, just to show they’re vaguely familiar with gameplay up at that tier. We’ll see if this changes, since there’s still time for WG to change how this personal offer will work.

Sources: RU Forums, EU Forums info thread

HMS Campbeltown ETA: Imminent

The much-awaited (sort of…) HMS Cambeltown will most likely arrive within the next few days, possibly on the 28th – the anniversary of Operation Chariot.

I’ve got two simple reasons: for one, the scheduled Operation Chariot event is ongoing on the EU server, and they’ve heavily hinted at the ship for the past while, and two, YouTuber The Mighty Jingles has a video review ready for the HMS Campbeltown which he was going to post today but was quickly told not to. She is near!

She’s only a tier 3 ship, but she should be nice as a port decoration, at least. I’m not sure if the NA server will get her like the EU server will, though; I do have some paranoid fear that we’ll have a temporary exclusive situation or something going on. Hopefully not.

Source: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/sse-chariot/