RU Q&A – Continued!

Ah, I must’ve gone to sleep and missed the extra answers. Here’s the rest of the Russian Q&A translated by Carnotzet on the EU forums, enjoy!

Q. Let’s use a little analogy. We are the consumers of the final product. I don’t care how you baked the cake, who baked it, or how you prepared the cream. I put it on the table and see: instead of cherries, there are olives and sugar was replaced by salt. And you tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat? Perhaps you think it doesn’t taste good? Well, you don’t understand anything! We like the taste. And if your baker thinks something’s wrong with the cake, we don’t care! And then come the modders, who make things right, and instead of barking at them, you’d better knead the dough; we go to some trouble to help you and you’re still not satisfied.

What a shame.

A. Let’s see what you wrote:

“We are the players. I don’t care if you bake your cake according to your recipe, I don’t care what you want, I don’t care that in the end the cake is tasty and everyone likes it. Here and now I want raspberries instead of cherries and jelly instead of cream. After all, I don’t like cherries, I want the cake to have only raspberries because that’s how I like my cake. Do only as I like!”

Q. 1

And let’s not forget about the fact that when AA is firing, the detection range of the ship is increased. Sometimes, it’s better to turn off AA than to fire on enemy planes. That is mostly the case for DD’s, that don’t have strong AA and that rely on their stealth to survive.

Are you absolutely certain this is true? Currently, in Team battles, my AA focused Benson (7km firing range) doesn’t get spotted by planes at the detection range. Which allows me to shoot down planes without being detected. Prior to 0.5.3., when my AA started to fire, I got detected at 7km. Did your colleagues not give all the information in the patch notes or is it a bug? (Benson with AA modules, AFT skill and Camo expert)


2. DD’s will soon get a surprise from the new equipment planned for cruisers.

Don’t you fear that DD’s will slowly die out as a class, that assured acquisition covering half the map is a little too much? And DD’s won’t have any counter to it. Don’t you think that with the introduction of radars, the number of teamkills at high tiers will increase? Shimakazes will stay far behind in order not to be spotted, and even though their efficiency will decrease, it’s the only way they will  be able to survive. With this change, BB’s will be happy to see torps coming from behind, won’t they?


3. Please explain the differences in AA defense on US DD’s before and after the patch? Even though you tried and are still trying to put them on the AA support path, don’t you think it’s not worth it in the current realities?

There are some contradictory results. Two BB’s and a DD AA can’t deflect an attack from a Shokaku at the beginning of a battle, but one barely floating BB and a DD annihilate every squadron at the end of a battle. I’m particularly interested in Fletcher, Benson and Farragut.


4. What’s the performance of low tier cruisers after the patch? Everybody is whining about Mogami, but I cannot stand playing at tier 4, even though the premium I like the most (Iwaki and Yubari) are at that tier. At their firing distance of 10km, BB’s cannot miss and more often than not, oneshot you. This means that I must sail far from the fighting (I wonder why), or else I die at most after the second salvo from a BB which has spotted me. Before, it was at least possible to maneuver at max firing distance, now it’s useless. Smoke on Iwaki makes things even worse since it lasts such a short time so the only way to use them is to stop inside, but that’s suicide since during its 40s duration, there’s a guaranteed salvo incoming and due to being immobile, it’s hard not to get hit.

You said you’ll increase Mogami firing range. What about the ships with 10km range?


5. Could you tell what captain skill to take for tier 8-9 Us DD’s to be the most effective at AA support? AFT or AA mastery?

And what module, AA range or efficiency?


A. 1. Yes, I’m sure of it. A DD with all the stealth upgrades can fire at planes without being spotted but that’s a particular tactic.

2. Let’s not panic in advance. There won’t be any “detection covering half the map”. It will be possible to counter high tier DD’s and “suicide runners” at medium ranges and the endless “firing smokes”. Cruisers still have a rather long detection range so it will possible to run from them. It’s normal. DD’s must fear cruisers and cruisers must fear BB’s. We believe that this new equipment will help high tier balance and will make battles more diverse.

3. In this case, stats aren’t very telling, but it’s worth taking into consideration that not all US DD’s focus on AA. Most of US DD players prefer main gun upgrades.

However, here’s the average number of aircraft destroyed per battle:


Farragut: 0.45 – 0.35

Mahan: 0.29 – 0.25

Benson: 0.27 – 0.63

Fletcher: 0.56 – 0.84

Gearing: 0.63 – 0.74


4. Average damage and win rate is higher on these ships than any other ships of their tier. Iwaki – 59% / 33 400+, Yubari – 53.7% / 25 500+. A buff to their stats would mean that they would be even stronger in the hands of somebody who is at least average.

5. If you want to protect yourself and shoot down more planes, focus on efficiency. If you want to support your team with AA defense fire, choose range.


Q. 1. How long will you examine these options? [I suppose he’s talking about turret destruction]. I got tired of trying hard to avoid as much damage as possible in my DD’s and CA’s just to get one or two turrets blown op.

2. As far as we know, in one of the latest updates, damage dealt to a turret is also reflected to the ship HP pool, but I saw some screenshots where a ship had nearly all turrets destroyed but had nearly all of his HP remaining. Isn’t there a discrepancy here?

A. 1. Over the course of the year but I can’t tell precisely when.

2. Damage dealt directly to a turret isn’t reflected to the ship HP. Where did you get that info?


Q. Currently, there is a lot of mods. A lot of them introduce interesting elements in the game.

Why don’t you want to implement some of these mods in the base client?

A. Why don’t we want? We examine every mod from this standpoint [possible implementation into the game].

We have plans to implement markers, minimap, different reticles, customization, a lot of minor improvements based on players surveys. For now we have compiled a large number of “requests” to be implemented in a future update (medium term, not in a near future). I’ll say that, in my opinion, if everything works out and at least half of them is released, there will be a lot of reasons to rejoice. But to disclose the list now would be unreasonable, there is still a lot of work to do. Stay tuned.

Q. 1. When taking the Survival expert skill, is the damage taken from fires and floods increased?

2. I noticed that the long range AA damage of 127/38 mk21 Mod 1 guns tier 5-7 DD’s have was not changed. Their dps was 3.25 before the patch and haven’t changed since, whereas other dual purpose guns damage have increased 2-3 times. Add to that the large increase in tier 4-5 planes survivability and other AA changes. Is it an oversight or part of the rebalance?

A. 1. Yes, the damage is in percent of max HP.

2. It was part of the rebalance. The guns on those ships weren’t the best, only later were they upgraded, that is why the next guns are a step up in efficiency. We’ll think about this and we may increase their output if needed.

Q. Will Imperator Nikolai and Mikhail Kutuzov be purchasable in game for doubloons in the future?

A. I cannot disclose such information. But we will put Imperator Nikolai up for sale regularly.

Q. I would like to know a little more about the development of the game, since the introduction of new ships and maps will invariably lead to content drought. Will you implement such elements as “water currents”, that would have their own flow speed. A violent storm would reduce speed, maneuverability and detection range. Will there be new game modes, for instance bigger games such as 20v20 or 25v25 or modes including captures of “realistic” naval bases with coastal artillery and not just and imaginary zone surrounded by buoys. Ideas such as these would rekindle players’ interest and add more dynamism to the game than new ships and maps.

A. In the near future, we’ll introduce a new ship line (Soviet cruisers), the ability to display armor on ships in port and weather effects. Besides, a couple of new modes are being tested by Supertesters but they’re only prototypes. We’re planning to add some improvements to little things here and there as well. We have also bigger innovations planned but it’s still very early to speak about them. Everything seems to point out that 2016 will be an intense and interesting year for the game.

Your propositions regarding currents, storms and 20v20 battles don’t suit our intentions for the game.

Q. Why did you increase the speed and direction meters? Were there any complaints?

A. Yes, we needed to increase their readability and visibility.

Q. Thank you very much for the BW flag. However, I don’t understand why beta flags don’t have bonuses?

Alpha flag gives ship + captain xp bonuses, and beta players don’t deserve at least a bonus to captain xp?

Beta players helped test the game as well, why don’t we deserve some bonus?

A. Test stages vary in complexity, and each of them requires a different level of responsibility from the players taking part in them.With all due respect to beta-testers and weekend testers, alpha testers did more work and put a lot of effort in the development of the game. Moreover, it would be unfair to accuse us of neglecting the other testers – after all, they received Arkansas Beta and boosted captains. In fact, everybody who had interest in the game and wanted to help was rewarded in some way. Those who decided too late or were watching the game from afar didn’t receive anything.

Source: RU Dev Answers Thread, EU Forums



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