Chinese Q&A – 26/02/2016

Now here we are with another Q&A from the Russ- wait, what? Never mind, this is Chinese! Not ASIA, but specifically some Q&A info from the Chinese server, which is self-managed and sort of detached from the rest of the servers. It’s unusual, but there’s some very interesting stuff here. It was translated and posted on the NA forums by friedrich1949.


Q: Will there be new Chinese ships? And how about the Asian line?

A: Asian line will mainly consist of destroyers, 2-3 CL and 1-2 CA might be added. The cruiser Chung King (former HMS Aurora) is almost completed, it probably will be the next Chinese premium ship.

Q: How about Germany battle cruisers (BC)? Some of them don’t have a big gun (for example Scharnhorst only has the 280mm gun), they will be put in battleship line or cruiser line?

A: ​Germany battle cruisers are more like cruisers, most of them will be in cruiser line, and there might be a second cruiser line; also few will be in the battleship line.

Q:How about the Germany battleship (BB)?

A: Germany battle will appear in the second half of 2016, might in the third quarter.

British cruiser line will be the first British line and also appear in the second half this year.

Q: Will the battleship Missouri appear in the game as a premium ship?

A: We suggested Missouri appear in the game as a premium ship and told our idea to Belarus developer before. They agreed with us at that time, but later they changed the plan, now no news for Missouri.

Q: Do you think American CV is so weak in 0.53?

A: I don’t think so. Server data shows Midway isn’t worse than Japanese CVs.

Q: What do you think about destroyers? They are too strong now.

A: We are contacting with Belarus developer, in the future there might be a limit of the amount of destroyers in each match, but now no final decision.

Q: When the WOT money and WOWS money (gold) will be interflowed?

A: Belarus developer hasn’t told us about this plan.

Q: Will there be a voice chatting system?

A: In game voice chatting system is in developing, we aren’t sure it will allow 12 players chat together or only for 3 grouped players. This system might appear in WOT first.

Q: Will there be a limit of shell amount in one game? Unlimited shells don’t match the history.

A: No, it’s impossible.


Note, though, that these answers might not all be accurate, since this is specifically from the Chinese server and this Q&A isn’t the same as getting the info straight from the Russian devs like usual.

I can imagine a lot of people will not be happy to know that a British cruiser, HMS Aurora, of the Arethusa-class, will be added to the game as a Chinese ship. Who knows if this one will make it to the other servers, though, but either way it’s kind of frustrating. Understandable, I suppose, in terms of money, and on the other hand we have a more concrete date for the actual British cruisers: the second half of this year, presumably alongside the German battleships.

And if Scharnhorst isn’t included as a German battleship and instead is made into a cruiser, I will riot.



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