Russian Q&A- 25/02/16

Another Q&A, translated again by Carnotzet on the EU forums, is here for you to peruse at your leisure. I’ll leave it here below, along with some of my comments a bit after that, as usual. Some actually interesting info this time, though.

Q. Regarding the new VMF cruisers, why did you chose to add two Project 68-K ships (Shchors and Chapaev) and leave out Project 68-bis (Mikhail Kutuzov)? Could you also shed some light on what ship project does Budyonny is based on?

A. Shchors is Project 28, Chapaev (stock hull) is Project 68, Chapaev (upgraded hull), Project 68-K, Budyonny is Project 94. We did not feel the need to add another Project 68-bis as there already is a premium ship based on that project.

Q. Questions regarding team battles.

1. How long will the maximum tier allowed in Team battles remain at 8, and respectively, when will tier 9 and 10 ships be allowed in TB?

2. When do you plan to (and do plan to at all) to add rankings to team battles, like a top 100 list?

3. With the introduction of Team battles, I cannot stop thinking about the implementation of clan functionalities, a global map and other amazing stuff. Do you plan to introduce those elements?

A. 1. We plan to allow tier 9 ships to enter TB 6 weeks after the start of the “season”. We still don’t know when we will stop the season and tally the results.

2. We don’t know yet, stay tuned.

3. We have a group of developers already working on those aspects of the game. When we have concrete elements to show, we will naturally share them with you.

Q. Why aren’t ranked battles flags displayed on some carriers (Zuiho, Langley)?

A. They are displayed on every ship, you just have to find them. Some carriers have them hanging on the side of the ship.

Q. What did you do to Tirpitz in patch 0.5.3? Since then, I get citadelled from all ranges, from 12 to 20km, when before I wouldn’t fear any citadel hits from BBs at those distances.

A.  We haven’t made any changes to armour values or main/secondary guns shells that could have affected Tirpitz. I just checked, average damage dealt to Tirpitz by BB’s has decreased by 500 after the patch. It may thus be just an impression.

Q. 1. Why are new maps created only for tier 9-10 ships? Do you prioritize high tier content? I spend most of my time playing at tier 5-8, and I’d like to be able to play on new maps at these tiers. I understand that ships at those tiers don’t have as much range as say Yamato but they have higher speed to compensate. Haven’t map developers considered lowering the ship tier of new maps?

2. Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? If you reduce the number of CV’s to one on each team, it will result in

-having more CV players waiting in the queue and thus more battle with CV’s (since only two CV’s could join a battle at any given time), which would please AA oriented cruisers and BB’s.

-players sailing on ships with weak AA stop whining because they get focused by two CV’s at the same time (this particularly affects high tier battles).

What do you think?

A. 1. Yes, we focus more on high tier content. That is why we don’t plan on adding new maps for low and mid tier battles.

2. If truth be told, your idea isn’t so great. I agree that when facing only one carrier, CV players can play more peacefully. But there are some drawbacks. First, in such cases, a lot depends on one player, and if this player doesn’t play very well, his team will suffer from it. Moreover, in 2v2 CV battles, there’s more chances that CV’s engage each other, at least at the beginning of the battle. So, we have no reason to change the limit on the the number of CV’s in each battle.

Q. 1. As the team leader, can I kick players from my team without having to pass a vote? I’m asking this because it happens that some people show up one or two times, they don’t play regularly and the team is full.

2. When HE shells hit their target, it often shows that some module was destroyed but it doesn’t say which and no damage is shown. Why is it so? After all, when a module is damaged, the ship should lose health.

A. 1. You cannot. However, it shouldn’t be a problem. If they’re not regularly connected, it should even be easier to pass a vote. In any case, a vote is needed to kick players out of a team. It’s a kind of protection against abuses.

2. Not in the slightest. External modules, such as gun turrets or AA batteries have their own HP. Damage dealt to them doesn’t deplete the ship HP pool. If you’re talking about the engine, it is located inside the ship and thus any damage dealt to it is reflected on the ship HP. Regarding the display of module damage, if you’re talking about the ribbon, it’s awarded for any critical hits. And icons showing what module has been damaged are shown above the ship that had a module hit.

Q. 1. Isn’t Arkansas Beta’s survivability too low? Without any AA, she’s an easy target for CV’s and team mates never (or rarely) help, so she’s taken out early in the game.

2. Will it be possible to assign different turrets to different sectors? For instance, bow turrets aim to the left and stern turrets to the right.

3. At the beginning of a battle, without touching the mouse, why do all the turrets turn to starboard?

4. Do you plan to add an official Aim assist or is it definitely a NO? It could be a high level perk with some restrictions to the class of ships.

5. Will you add captain skills only available to certain classes?

6. Will you implement a warning for players who are going to launch torpedoes when team mates are in front of them?

7. Will 76mm AA guns and lower (similar to the smallest secondary gun caliber) be able to fire at other ships?

8. Will there be consumables that increase the armament of the ship(such as AA, secondary guns or torpedo tubes)?

9. I don’t see the problem in adding underwater torpedo tubes. It would help BB’s fighting each other at close range without having to ram each other. Did you postpone such idea or have you decided not to introduce such armament?

10. Visual effects of ships sinking could be improved (with ammo explosions like what happened to HMS Hood). Is something planned in that regard?

A. 1. No, it isn’t. Damage received is in the average. Don’t forget that players owning this ship usually play better than the majority of players at that tier.

2. No (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

3. Turrets try to line up with your aim by the shortest path. If your aim is exactly in the middle, they tend to turn to the right.

4. No plans to add it at the current moment.

5. It’s unlikely (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

6. It’s unlikely (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

7. No, their effectiveness would be too low for the amount of server load it would add (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

8. It’s unlikely (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

9. Yes, our decision is final [not to implement underwater tubes].

10. We may improve visuals for sinking ships but right now, we’re working on improving smoke visuals and weather effects (it’s a suggestion and not a question).

Q. Soviet cruisers up to tier 5, including Profintern, have 130mm guns. AFT, BFT and EM will thus work on those ships. But aren’t these captain skills only supposed to work for DD main guns?

Soviet cruisers will have the highest firing range. So now that they lost their range advantage, the only pros of German cruisers will be AP damage? What other pros will Soviet cruisers have?

A. Captain skills aren’t supposed to work on DD’s but on a certain gun caliber. If a cruiser gun caliber meets the requirements, it means that the skill will work.

Concretely speaking, with AFT, Profintern will indeed have a significant firing range. However, 130mm shells and their ballistics won’t be too powerful at tier 5. I didn’t quite understand your question regarding what the “German lost”.

Regarding the particularities of Soviet cruisers, wait until they are released and you will know.

Q. Why is the selection of premium ships purchasable in game so limited? There isn’t any tier 5-8 BB. I won a gold[doubloons] contest but I have nothing to spend them on if all of the interesting stuff to buy is in the website shop. It isn’t fair, don’t you think?

A. In 2016, we plan to significantly increase our selection of goods purchasable in game. Stay tuned.

Q. [For the sake of concision, the question is summarized]The captain skill “Torpedo acceleration” prevents me from putting high level captains on my premium DD’s (Sims, Kamikaze, etc.). So I have to choose between sailing on my premium DD’s or not taking the perk. Do you plan on doing something about that matter?

A.  The skill description is clear, there’s nothing to be fixed about that skill.


Q. When do you plan to implement clans?

A. At the moment, it’s meaningless for us to give you some date since it’s still in the early stages of development. When we have something concrete to show, we’ll let you know.


Q. Why was Hindeburg’s AA nerfed? Before the patch, there were 6 2x55mm + 2 1x55mm AA batteries, now there are only 8 1x55mm. Nothing was written about that in the patch notes.

A. Yes, that’s not very nice of us. We made these changes after having reviewed the results of the Public testing so we didn’t have the time to put them in the patch notes. It happens sometimes.



Q. Is it possible to disband a team, and if so how?

A. You cannot disband a team. You can leave a team or try to force every member to leave.


Q. Why did you nerf Bogue’s AA? Although her AA rating increased by 4 points, she shoots down planes much less frequently (about 1.5 times less) – the same problem happens with Lexington and his 100 AA rating as well. This means I cannot make any mistakes when I play with her, and I know what I’m talking about, having 200 battles with her. As compensation, my planes shoot down enemy fighters a bit faster. Isn’t that a nerf?

A. AA rebalance didn’t only affect Bogue but every ship in the game. In brief, the decrease in AA efficiency is not only due to weaker AA, but also to planes going faster at that tier.

Prior to the patch, Bogue AA was a bit too strong and she could deflect strong attacks on her own.

Q. Did you evaluate the effect the smoke boundaries mod has on gameplay? Maybe It would be good to ban it in its current state? tried it the other day and I must say it’s very convenient when playing DD’s. On the other hand, you can see other smoke boundaries, which makes it easier to shoot the DD hiding inside, especially for IJN CA’s and BB’s as their shell trajectory is flatter.

A. Yes we looked into the effects it has. No, we don’t think it would be worth it to ban it.

It’s a mod made for comfort and not for allowing easier blind shooting.

We’d like to address the issue regarding smoke hitbox [I believe this is what he’s referring to] somewhere in the future. By the way, we are already working on something regarding this matter.

Q. Could you lower the cooldown on spotting planes to 300s since we can only use 3 at maximum in one battle?

A. No. We don’t want to put more incentive for fighting at long distances.

Q. Why do Nagato and Amagi have a lower firing range than Fuso despite being at at higher tier?

A. Firing range doesn’t depend only on the capacity for a gun to “propel” a shell at a certain distance but also on the ability to see the target at that distance. Fuso has higher crow’s nest than Amagi and Nagato.

I will repeat myself once more.

Effective firing range is more or less the same as in reality and takes into consideration different factors such as optics, weather, height of range finding equipment, etc. Current mechanisms are a good compromise between playability and realism.

Q. 1. Would it be possible, from a technical standpoint, to prevent the client to be modded?

2. Who decides what mod is allowed and what mod is not?

A. 1. No, we cannot prevent the client to be completely mod-free.

2. Developers and those who are in charge of the game (publishers).

Q. I seem to lose less planes when approaching a ship from the bow. Is it because AA on the sides can’t fire?

A. It’s all up to RNG. The angle of approach doesn’t affect AA efficiency. The only time when you could lose more planes is when you’re coming from the stern as you have to catch up to your target.


I’ll admit, the statement that they’re not adding more low/mid-tier maps frustrates me, because many people play those mid-tiers, and that’s arguably where the most variety ought to be. We’ll see if things change and WG realizes this is a very bad mistake for them to make. People want mid-tier maps, not high-tier ones. For a long time there have been complaints about the lack of map variety, and those complaints aren’t going to go away.

Other interesting stuff about mods, especially the nifty Smoke Boundaries mod that lets you see the edges of a cloud of smoke. This one, certainly based on the answer given here, might even make it into the game.

Not really a whole lot of other juicy tidbits about upcoming content, other than the hint about more premium ships – hopefully good ones, and not more Russian and Pan-Asian things! I’ll also look into the Soviet cruiser projects mentioned in the beginning of the Q&A, and see if they’re in my Soviet Navy bible, Stalin’s Ocean-Going Fleet.

Source: RU Dev Answers Thread, EU Forums


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    1. I like T8, but tiers 9 and 10 don’t really interest me, not with the game as it is now. Even then, though the majority of the maps being added (like Tears of the Desert in 5.3) are strictly for tier 9/10 matches, for some reason.


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