New Commemorative Flags Added

It’s been all quiet on the Warships front lately, but there’s at least something today: new flags, as well as achievements. The achievements are fairly plain, just commemorative ones noting that you took part in the Alpha/Beta tests. The flags are a bit more interesting.

These were leaked a while ago, but now they’re in the actual game client themselves, rather than buried in graphics files or anything.

The BW/CBT/ALPHA flags are for the Open Beta Weekend, Closed Beta Test, and Alpha Test. If you were in all three, then you get all three, simple as that. They’re a bit plain, to be honest, and I don’t think I’d put one of them on my ships often, but they’re a nice enough gesture. The Alpha tester flag, at least, gives a 5% experience boost; not much, but I suppose it’s not bad.

The four-leaf clover flag there has a file name “Val_Player” which leads me to believe it’s actually a flag given out to people with good karma. Basically, people who have a certain number of compliments, rather than reports, given to them. WG mentioned a while ago that part of the compliment/report system would be to give little bonuses – like flags – to players who are good sports and presumably get lots of compliments. I’m not sure if many people will be getting this flag!

The rather faded-looking WoWs logo flag is listed as “Season_Flag000” which is in line with the names of the Kure and Hawaii flags, which were Ranked rewards. We can assume that this here is just a placeholder for when the next season of Ranked Battles starts.

The three Test flags are still being added to the appropriate users, so if you’re on NA and don’t see it, it might be a little while before you see yours show up.


4 thoughts on “New Commemorative Flags Added”

  1. Valuable Player has nothing to do with compliments but on how actually VALUABLE you are for your team which is reflected in win rate and damage. A ‘helpfull’ person in chat is not a VALUABLE person for your team.


    1. Yeah, but the flag will probably be for people with high karma from compliments. It’s a broken system regardless, since people in some clans/divisions might just compliment each other to raise karma, and people will naturally report more than they compliment, and report for dumb reasons. I don’t think it will get changed, personally. :/


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