NA: Lo Yang For Sale

The tier 8 Pan-Asian destroyer, Lo Yang, is now available on the NA server and will be until March 7th, so now you can get some fancy Taiwanese action in. Unfortunately, she’s only being sold in two fairly hefty bundles – unlike Anshan just recently – and so you’re going to have to pay quite a bit more if you just want the ship, since buying it on its own isn’t an option.

As much as I’d like to have a cool new ship, and a pretty Taiwanese one at that, she’s just the USS Benson with a fresh coat of paint and some different stats. If she’s going to be available at these prices all bundled up, I’m not interested, even if I am an incorrigible collector. I’d pay that much for HMS Warspite or Tirpitz, but some clone destroyer? No.

If you really want to buy her in the bundles WG has made available, the link’s below.



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