New American Premiums… Soon?

Just a bit of hinting and nothing more, but WG’s The Chieftain (you might remember him from his tank videos and articles, but I suppose ships are fine, too) dropped a teaser on Reddit earlier, answering a question about if there will be any American premiums in the near future.

According to The Chieftain, “USN’s getting a couple of prems soon, but not high-tier cruisers. (Not that some won’t eventually show up, they’re just not on the list right now)”

Speculate away! The USS Smith, a cute little destroyer, has been in the game files for a while now, so that could be a candidate, but there are a number of others that could be released. We’ll see what WG has in store, eh? This doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, but at least it gives us an idea of what’s coming, whenever “soon” may be.



2 thoughts on “New American Premiums… Soon?”

  1. Smith is probably certain for the next patch, although i believe it will not be available for sale but as a reward of some sort.
    Another possible premium could be the USS Arizona. Although i know it is a very sensitive matter for the US players, if WG handles it with respect i think it can do well.


    1. I’ve been thinking it could be the Arizona as well. I’ll admit, when the missions to earn a premium ship were announced, I was kinda disappointed when the ship turned out to be the Tachibana. Maybe the Smith will be given out through similar means?


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