New Consumable: Surveillance Radar

In the next patch, 5.4, not only are Russian cruisers being added, but also yet another ship consumable. This one is Surveillance Radar, available to Tier8, 9, and 10 Russian and American cruisers.

What it does is extend the range at which ships (but not torpedoes) are automatically detected, regardless of smoke or other concealment. Pretty obviously, this is meant to help cruisers find and sink destroyers – but, in my opinion, it’s just too powerful. Destroyers have no way of avoiding cruisers with this ability unless they stay out of their generally effective range – meaning no torpedoes – and smoke can’t help them.

Hydroacoustic Search, while based on the same principles, isn’t quite as bad – simply because it has a much shorter range and actually requires that you be somewhat near a destroyer already. In other words, it’s a tool that helps in the task you’re already trying to accomplish; from what it seems, Surveillance Radar is essentially a “Find DD” button you can press whenever and defeat the concealment of any destroyers within up to almost 12km of you.

Here are the exact stats for it, for each ship that gets the consumable:

New Orleans: duration 30s, acquisition range 9.0km

Baltimore: duration 35s, acquisition range 9.4km

Des Moines: duration 40s, acquisition range 9.9km

Chapayev: duration 20s, acquisition range 9.9km

Dmitry Donskoy: duration 25s, acquisition range 10.8km

Moskva: duration 30s, acquisition range 11.7km

The recharge time for the consumable is 360s for all ships that carry it. Looks like the Soviets get a longer range, while Americans get longer duration.

Hopefully WG will do a public test again soon so we can check out the effects of Surveillance Radar on battles, but right now I’m not exactly in favour of it. It’ll need either a serious nerf, a rework, or complete removal if it functions as it looks like it will.




6 thoughts on “New Consumable: Surveillance Radar”

  1. Currently high tier cruisers do not and cannot counter DDs like they’re supposed to as US and IJN DDs alike have huge long range stealth torp capability. This ability will be powerful, but they only put it on dedicated fleet escort cruisers for a reason. I’m not sure this ability is so uncalled for.


    1. That’s true. I just worry that it’s kind of a no-skill ability, as in you just pop it, DDs are spotted, and you shoot and there’s nothing you can do about it. In my opinion, it would be better if there was a bit of a caveat to using the radar ability, maybe something like a radar ping sound that lets the destroyer know they’re being spotted specifically by the radar. Ultimately, though, we’ll have to see exactly how it plays out in actual games to reach a real verdict.


    2. This new feature is a compensation for poor ship handling. A competent ship driver can deal with destroyers, but they must use their brains. So this feature is now in place to placate those who have money, those who move into high tiers too quickly, and lack the experience and capability for sound tactics and the ability to think properly. It’s similar to the Derpitz fiasco.


  2. Heh, all this does is drive off US and Russian DD players, this in no way affects Japanese this actually benefits them by killing off their natural predators. Good luck dodging torpedoes in the next patch people, I expect to see the number of IJN DDs multiply like rabbits.


  3. I think it is a very useful consumable but it is very OP. Simply making radar unable to detect ships on the other side of an island would be better. I would also be in favor of shorter duration and a shorter reload. 20s of concentrated fire will drive off a DD and make him think twice. I most certainly would think twice about committing to action against two CLs. They could stagger activating and keep me under fire for over half a Min.


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