Next Branch: Russian Cruisers

The Russian Cruiser line, coming "soon"

Next to be added to World of Warships are Russian cruisers! I’m sure everyone is looking forward to more of these. Regardless, they’ll be in, and sometime soon, as far as we know now. More previews and information about them will be added shortly, according to the Russian news portal.

Now, if you’re not looking forward to these, don’t worry; it’s unlikely WG will release the Russian cruisers on their own, as they’ll probably be included with another new branch. My guess is that they’ll arrive alongside British cruisers – but that’s just my assumption, we’ll have to see what happens. Either way, we’ll learn what the potential other new branch will be in about a week, assuming the new branches are previewed and released similarly to the Russian destroyers/German cruisers back in October.



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