Patch 5.3 Arrives February 18th

It’s official: patch 5.3 is coming on the 18th, just around when it was expected. No surprises there, of course! And, as usual, there’s some patch notes, and they’ve brought out Dasha Perova again to talk about it for a bit.

I’m not going to post all the patch notes and stuff, because it’s primarily just things that have already been talked about or mentioned before.

First off, there are a few ship stat changes; some of them, like the Yamato repair nerf, have been brought up already, but I’ll list everything given in the notes just in case.

-Yamato: The efficiency of the Repair Party consumable was reduced by 33%. Now, the efficiency of this consumable for Yamato is the same as for other battleships.

-Mikhail Kutuzov: enjoyed an increase in rate of fire (from 6.75 to 7.5 rounds/min), firing range (from 15,910 m to 19,100 m) and turret traverse speed (from 5.4 degrees per second to 7.2 degrees per second).

-Albany: her firing range and viewing distance were recalculated. This time, a different detection device is used: a portable range finder (with 0.8 m distance between optical axes) which could be mounted on her crow’s nest. Her firing range was extended from 6,350 m to 8,470 m. Her viewing distance was increased from 8,200 m to 13,180 m.

-Farragut: hull B was changed from AA defence-focused to a standard artillery-focused hull. The number of AA guns was reduced, while one main gun was returned to the hull (5 main guns in total now).

-Yubari: fixed the deck armour thickness, now the thickness is 25 mm instead of 20 mm.

-Tachibana and Tachibana Lima: decreased the range at which these ships can be detected when firing, their detectability range now increases by 2.28 km instead of 3.6 km.

-Midway and Essex: One squadron of torpedo bombers was replaced with one squadron of bombers for the assault setups

-Lexington: One squadron of fighters was removed from the default setup.

-Lexington, Essex, Midway: Bomber damage increased by 30% (1000lb ANM65 bomb type is now installed on the Curtiss SB2C, Douglas BTD-1 and Kaiser XBTK-1 bombers)


Now, other assorted things, taken from various parts of the patch announcement. Probably the biggest of them is that some Ranked changes that were leaked a while back have been partly confirmed. The meat of the supposed changes still haven’t been officially mentioned, though.

-Intensification factor of the Defensive Fire consumable was reduced by 50% (now, the AA armament intensification is x3 when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated). Now, both dual-purpose guns and large-calibre automatic AA guns deliver fire when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated.

-An Arpeggio icon will now be displayed on the corresponding missions and challenges (in order to separate normal missions and challenges from Arpeggio ones)

-Decreased research prices:

  • Dresden: 350 XP (instead of 750 XP)
  • Hermelin’s weapon station research, that lead to Dresden, now costs 100 XP (instead of 250 XP)
  • Chikuma: cost changed to 350 XP (instead of 800 XP) – Storozhevoy: changed to 500 XP (instead of 1000 XP)
  • Hashidate’s weapon station research, that lead to Chikuma, now costs 100 XP (instead of 200 XP)
  • Storozhevoy: cost changed to 500 XP (instead of 1000 XP)
  • Chester: cost changed to 350 XP (instead of 800 XP)
  • Erie’s weapon station research, that lead to Chester, now costs 100 XP (instead of 200 XP)

-A new matchmaker was added for low-tier battles. Now novice and veteran players will be separated. However, if the player count in the queue for novice players is too low, then a novice player will be transferred to the usual matchmaker.

-Ranked Battles Revamped

  • An option to have an irrevocable Star within a Rank, and not just a Rank, has been added.
  • Player Ranks will now be displayed in the battle statistics window (displayed after the Tab key is pressed), and in the battle loading screen
  • Tooltips were updated in the help window for Ranks
  • The appearance of Ranks displayed in the Port was unified (first the Rank as an icon, then the number of the Rank)
  • It will be possible to select a specific season in the Summary tab for Ranked Battles and see the statistics for this season; by default, the overall statistics for all seasons are displayed
  • Settings were modified for additional Stars issued when a new Rank is achieved in Ranked Battles

And that’s just about it. Most changes from the public tests haven’t really been touched, but we’ll wait and see once the patch is actually released to find out if any secret changes can be datamined. Until then, enjoy the new patch!




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