EU Team Battles Info

It’s been a bit slow lately, today today we’ve got some stuff from the EU news portal about the upcoming Team Battles mode. Some of it has already been said before, but I’ll copy the important details and a couple general bits here.


  • After reaching Account Level 12, a brand new game mode, Team Battles, will unlock for you, allowing you not only to assemble the team of your dreams, but also to take responsibility for both defeats and victories into your own hands!
  • The battles are organised during the so-called Prime Time, which has been set for 17:00 – 22:00 UTC (18:00 – 23:00 CET) for the EU region.
  • For the first iteration of Team Battles, the spread is going to be between Tier VII and Tier VIII. 
  • A Team can have up to ten participants, but only seven of them can participate in a battle.

The detail about Prime Time is noteworthy, because it implies that WG is pretty much ready for Team Battles to kick off – meaning patch 5.3 must be coming very, very soon.

In other words, if it’s not here on the 17th after the maintenance, I’ll eat my shoe.



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