Patch 5.3 Public Test Datamine

Hello everyone, I’ve got some interesting info taken from the game files of the new public test server, with a few changes not mentioned in the actual patch notes. They’re all courtesy of iku_19 on reddit.

  • Defensive Fire damage multiplier has been reduced to 3x (was 4x)
  • Hindenburg, Roon, and Hipper AA has been modified
    • Hindenburg Twin 55mm Turrets have been replaced with single 55mm turrets
    • a few Roon single 55mm Turrets have been replaced with 40mm turrets
    • a few Hipper 55mm Turrets have been replaced with twin 37mm turrets
  • Ibuki secondaries have been modified, a few 127mm turrets have been replaced with 100mm turrets.
  • New ensigns added:
    • WG Staff Flag
    • Closed Beta Weekend Test Participant Flag
    • Alpha Test Participant Flag
    • Closed Beta Test Participant Flag
  • New achievements added:
    • Closed Beta Weekend Participant
    • ST Participant
    • WG Staff
    • WG St. Petersburg Staff


Generally a touch of a nerf to AA with the Defensive Fire change, because with it planes really were melting from the sky against a Des Moines or a properly kitted-out Hindenburg. And, with that, the top tier German cruisers have all had their AA nerfed, likely because they really were doing too well and had AA on the levels of the American cruisers, which made the sad little Des Moines and Baltimore rather obsolete in a way.

Now the Americans are back at the top of the AA table, but we’ll have to see if there are actually any aircraft carriers for them to counter on the live server.



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