NA: Kamikaze Out Now

Project R is finished now on the NA server, with the 6 million pearl limit being reached. Now the Kamikazes are being sent out to those who got at least 260 pearls during the event; no word, though, on how exactly the draw will work for the 1000 other Kamikazes being given out, though. The website mentions, however, the she’ll be sold (yes, you read that right!) starting on the 12th, along with the x3 XP weekend.

I wrote up a historical article on the Kamikaze and her real-life history; you can read it here. She had quite the fascinating service record, though it wasn’t exactly a happy one.

Unrelated – and this is just my suspicion – but I get the feeling that 5.3 is going to be out next week. The NA site says it’s ‘just around the corner,’ so we’ll have to see what comes of that. Ranked Season 3 ends next week, too, so it might coincide with that.



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