5.3 Public Test #2

A bit of nice news! There’s going to be another public test for patch 5.3 starting on February 9th. I also have a changelog for the test; it’s mostly technical stuff and bug fixes, but there are a few things I’ve bolded.

Unfortunately, the patch notes seem like they’ve been translated into English, so they’re a bit stilted and awkward.


Changes between PT #1 and #2:

1. Fixed a lack of icons displaying the takeoff order of aircraft

2. All squads, in which the player is not a member, are now displayed in white

3. The algorithm for distribution of mercenaries to teams has been improved

4. Fixed a lack of a carousel after the transition to the profile window from the tasks window, after the players received the rank decrease/increase notification

5. Fixed a lack of system messages for acquiring and equipping/removing an ensign

6. Fixed an incorrect client behaviour when switching to full-screen mode, after the game window was moved from one monitor to another

7. Fixed an incorrect display of text in the “time remaining for the team season” message window (some letters were displayed as numbers) (English localization)

8. Fixed a bug that caused the display of negative numbers for the preparation timer, when issuing the target for several air groups at the same time

9. The tooltip for the “Superintendent” skill no longer includes the “Repair party” consumable

10. Fixed an issue that caused the disappearance of sight for the fighter planes

11. Fixed an incorrect behavior of the “Last Chance” skill – now it only works at 10% HP or less

12. Fixed the disappearance of the premium recharge icon after using torpedoes

13. Fixed an issue that caused the “Enhanced fire preparation” skill to be displayed in the performance improvement tab, even if the skill hadn’t been learned yet

14. Torpedo preemption now properly takes into account the changes in the speed of the torpedoes

15. Fixed a client crash after re-clicking on the rechargeable consumable

16. Fixed an incorrect display of the number of vehicles researched to achieve “Design Engineer”

17. Fixed an incorrect display of the currency in the rechargeable consumables tooltips after the transition from ship to ship

18. Fixed a lack of the star on the squad leader icon in the squad chat

19. Improved the art for loading screen background image

20. Fixed an issue that caused the cursor (that activates with the CTRL key) to follow the camera, even if it is not active

21. Fixed an incorrect display of the indicator for gear shifting and the steering

22. Fixed a client crash after using Alt+Tab in full screen mode when playing on CV

23. Fixed “sticky” RMB after using Alt+Tab

24. Voting items are now correctly displayed in the context menu

25. Fixed the lack of an awards counter in the compact view of the “honoring heroes” window

26. Fixed an issue that caused fighters, instead of following the target, to stay at the area of the destruction of the enemy fighters

27. Improved the display of the teams’ information on the battle loading screen and in the TAB-statistics window

28. Fixed an issue that caused the “Air dominance” skill to increase the amount of fighters not only for CVs

29. Fixed an incorrect display of the third squad icon in the TAB-statistics window

30. Reduced the distance between the markers of the bases in the domination mode

31. Fixed an issue that caused x1.5 experience bonus to not apply in the team battles

32. Number of votes for the commander removal is now equal to the number of the whole team, excluding the commander himself

33. Improved a visual display of the filled ship types in the squad

34. All American bombers: The area size of the alternative bomb attacks now matches the area size for the automatic attacks

35. CVs “Lexington”, “Essex” and “Midway”: Bombers’ damage increased by 30% (1000lbs ANM65 bomb is now installed on the Curtiss SB2C, Douglas BTD-1, Kaiser XBTK-1 bombers)

36. “Torpedo reload” consumable now active up to 30 seconds rather than 60 seconds

37. Fixed lags in video play in the in-game browser

The good stuff is right near the end: it seems to me like American dive bombers have a less accurate manual bomb attack, which seems weird, but on the other hand for Lexington, Essex, and Midway, dive bombers do more damage. I don’t think this will make them useful, honestly – the bombs have to actually hit in the first place!

Then there’s a note about the Torpedo Reload consumable for Kagero and Hatsuharu; I think this means it now buffs the torpedo reload speed to 30s instead of 60s, which wasn’t worth it at all. Maybe now it’ll be useful? Hard to be more useful than smoke, to be honest.

That’s all for now! Have fun playing the test; you can download the client from the main WoWs websites.

Sources: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/public-test-053/ http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/43589-public-test-2-changelog/page__p__836500#entry836500


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