Yar Har and a Bottle of Rum

Today we’re going to talk about pirates! Or, rather, their flags. Currently in Ranked Battles, the reward for reaching Rank 1 has been a legendary Jolly Roger, and now we’ve got two variations of the flag to be won; the second, however, is only available to those who reached Rank 1 in season 2 as well.

Here they are:

The first is the most easily recognizable kind of Jolly Roger: a skull and crossbones, the symbol of pirates as a whole. This one was flown by “Black” Sam Bellamy during the Golden Age of Piracy. The second, on the other hand, is just made up, just a cool looking skull and crossbones, this time with a hat. True pirate flags weren’t particularly complex like this one.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the interesting pirate flags that could be used as further Ranked rewards, or for other events. Of course, assuming that WG goes ahead with historical designs. That’s what I’d prefer, anyhow, since there are some famous ones that just look great hanging from a mainmast.


Calico Jack flew the flag above, similar to Sam Bellamy’s skull and crossbones, except with a pair of crossed cutlasses. Though Calico Jack isn’t quite as famous as some of his contemporaries, his flag is one of the absolute most famous Jolly Roger designs, a true classic. I’d go so far as to say Calico Jack’s flag is easily the second most popular variation on the Jolly Roger design.


And here you have Satan stabbing a heart with a spear. This was Blackbeard’s flag, and it’s got an unusual design. It’s still recognizable, though, but more for the captain who flew it rather than for the design. Still, cool-looking Jolly Roger, and it could be very popular with people who want to roam the high seas like Blackbeard himself, fighting to the bitter end.


Bartholomew Roberts, Black Bart, also has a bit of an odd one, but then again Bartholomew is a famous pirate, so he gets to be remembered by whatever flag he flew, really, no matter how different it is to a “traditional” Jolly Roger. I think this one could make for a good commemorative flag, considering that Bartholomew, not only famous, was arguably the most successful pirate of his day. Also the skeleton is cute.


Thomas Tew isn’t the most famous pirate, but he had one of the earliest Jolly Rogers, and was a sort of a “pioneer” amongst pirates, helping to define their routes and methods. His flag came before the usual associations with death and skulls, and instead is rather plain: an arm holding up a cutlass. Regardless of its simplicity and difference from the typical skull and crossbones, it looks great and a bit menacing – plus, variety is always good!


Last of all, we have the flag of Henry “Long Ben” Every, one of the richest and most well-travelled pirates of the entire Golden Age of Piracy. He had a skull and crossbones, but with a little bit of a recognizable twist to the design made famous by Calico Jack. He also flew a variant with a red background, but I think the black one would be best, to fit in with the rest of the Jolly Rogers.

Here’s hoping that some of these historical pirate flags make it into the game! Though, getting all the way to Rank 1 is quite a challenge just for a flag – we’ll see if WG actually does make those leaked Ranked changes.

Take care for now!


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