New Flags and Ports (Datamine)

I’ve looked into the game files for new stuff, and I managed to find a couple things: a new port, and a new set of flags that aren’t in the game yet. This is all taken from the 5.3 public test files and folders; you can even check it out yourself, looking in the /res/ folder and its subfolders.

I’ll start with the port, which is named Nagasaki, making it the first proper Japanese port to be added into the game. Yokosuka doesn’t count, it’s a silly anime port.

Did Nagasaki really look like this in the 1930s?
Nagasaki harbour, with Mount Inasa in the background.

To be honest, it looks really weird. For one, that looks a little underdeveloped for a Japanese port, assuming this, like New York, is from the 30s/40s. Even if it’s from the era of WW1 or Tsushima, it’s awkwardly antiquated. Also, if that’s meant to be Mount Inasa in the background, it’s quite oversized, as Inasa is only a few hundred metres tall. Not only that, but the castle to the centre-right looks quite a bit like Himeji castle.

Basically, you’ve got elements of at least two vastly different Japanese cities squished into one port named for a city unrelated to either. Hopefully “Nagasaki” is just a placeholder name.

I suppose I’m done complaining about the new port now. I should note that there’s another port in the game files, simply called “February.” Here’s what its picture looks like:

Must be Mt. Rushmore before it was carved into a sculpture

That’s it, nothing else to define it other than a picture of the sky, some trees, and rock. Somehow, I’m fairly sure this is a placeholder.

On the more interesting side of things, there are new flags to be found! Only one of them, the new Jolly Roger, is in the current 5.2.4 game files, the rest are only in the public test files… for now. Presumably, they have something to do with 5.3 and upcoming events, and I’ll try to explain them as best I can. They’re a bit small, unfortunately.

Not a Shamrock

This is a four-leaf clover, as you can no doubt see. It’s naturally associated with St. Patrick’s Day, popular in most English-speaking countries. I’m a bit iffy on this, though, because a four-leaf clover is not a shamrock; only the shamrock itself is a symbol of Ireland, and it’s got three leaves. Also there’s a blue background, rather than green. Hopefully it’s a work in progress, but it’s no doubt supposed to be related to St. Patrick’s Day since that’s in the middle of next month. If this flag goes through as it is, I will lodge a formal complaint on behalf of the Irish people. Even though I’m not Irish.

I like the tears.

Next is a more menacing-looking version of the Jolly Roger reward flag for Ranked Battles. This is definitely going to be the reward for getting Rank 1 in seasons 2 and 3, and maybe there will be another Jolly Roger for doing the same in season 4 if there is one. The tears on the side make a cool addition, and it makes me laugh a little that there’s a little skull and crossbones on the skull’s hat, just in case your Jolly Roger wasn’t Jolly and Roger-y enough.

These two I don’t remember seeing before, but they’re no doubt related. The one of the right, with the owl, is probably just a redesigned version of the flag given to supertesters; if you see a supertester out in the wild during one of your games, usually they’ll fly this flag, especially if they’re testing an upcoming ship. I saw one on a Katori recently, in fact.

The one on the left uses the same background as the old supertester flag, but has two crossed anchors and the WoWs symbol. I’m fairly sure it’s a flag meant for developers, because the devs in Lesta Studio are based in Saint Petersburg, and the flag of Saint Petersburg is two crossed anchors, one for the sea and one for the river.


This is the last one. It feels really familiar to me for some reason, but I just can’t place it. I don’t think I’ve seen it before, and I don’t recognize the symbol on it, but I get the strangest feeling that it’s related to a game convention event or something. If you recognize it, feel free to tell me and I’ll make a note of it. I swear it’s new, it’s not in the 5.2.4 flag files. I suppose we’ll see after 5.3 is released?

Update: according to commenter Erhabend, this odd one is a special RU-only flag. Bloody Russians getting all the fancy stuff, eh? Thanks for the info!

That’s all for now. I might write up a historical article on some flags that we could see in the game eventually!

Source: World of Warships installed game files/folders


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