Forum Q&A From EU

Related to some patch 5.3 stuff, there was a sort of impromptu Q&A on the EU forums. Thanks to MrConway for providing the answers, they’re pretty interesting, but some of it is just “I’ll look into it” and “wait and see.”

With the changes to AFT the Mogami in particular seems to be suffering and is UP compared to Mikhail Kutuzov, are there already plans to buff her?

No plans at this moment. As stated in the original post, we’ll keep a close eye on the statistics and if a buff is necessary, one will be done. We put satisfaction from playing as a very important part of our development process and balance of a ship is part of that.


Would there be any consideration in lowering the new manually controlled secondaries perk from skill set 5 to perhaps skill set 3?

This perk is designed for experienced players, who can multitask, observe the minimap and their surroundings constantly. It requires a great familiarity with the game. If it was at level 3, getting it would be at hand within just a handful of battles and it is likely that new players would take it thinking that it would make them more efficient, while in fact due to their inexperience would make the gaming experience horrid. However, nothing is out of the realm of possibility, but no such changes are planned at the moment.


Why did Mikhail Kutuzov specifically get a buff to compensate for the change, but not other ships?

Due to its statistical performance. As said earlier, its balancing was not perfect during implementation and we’re addressing this issue. If further changes will be necessary, they will be put in place. It’s an MMO, we never stop developing and don’t shy away from admitting content needs tweaks even after extensive testing has been performed.


Are there any plans to change Survivability skill to influence different ship types differently? (E.g. more HP for Cruisers gained than for DD’s)

Not that I am aware of. However it may be an idea worth considering. 😉

I’ve read that the citadels on some ships have been made substantially larger. Is that true and if so, what was the reasoning behind that change?

I cannot comment on this at the moment. But I’ll try to come back to you on this in the foreseeable future.


Regarding manual fire control for AA: How can you balance AA DPS and plane HP when such a powerful skill is available? Either you balance it off of people who don’t use it so people who do use it swat planes out of the sky with barely any effort, or you balance it off of people who use it and people who don’t can’t shoot down any planes. Or if you try to go half way the gap between users and non-users might still be too big. Isn’t that just a bad skill design?

“Barely any effort” is a very controversial statement. Put yourself in a situation when you’re mid-close combat, having to maneuver between torpedoes not to get blown out of the water and at the same time try to land a volley on a cruiser who is trying to dodge you by circling you. At that moment the additional task of manually assigning AA to bombers and torp bombers could be a huge disadvantage, as your AA would have taken some down on its own, but now you are forced to target it. On the other hand, yes, a lone not-engaged cruiser with good AA becomes an almost impossible target for a carrier, but at that moment the carrier should just look for another target. We’ll keep observing the results and see how it works.


Regarding skill changes: Why was it decided to make a change in a skill instead of correcting the 2 or 3 subjects (ships) that were benefiting from it?

It’s not the ships that were the problem, it’s the system. If these rules were kept, in a year we would be facing an even wider range of ships that would be influenced by these skills. Keep in mind the game is developed knowing what will come in the future and such changes influence how future content will be delivered. Also, I’d recommend you watch the video we released 😉 get a wider scope of how big the plans are right now (and obviously that’s just the near future).


Are there any plans for further changes to German cruisers, namely the Konigsberg’s and Nurnberg’s huge citadels and the Roon’s low per shell damage?

Stats are being monitored. No promises and no plans at the moment.


Will there be any adjustments to the economy in the higher tiers to stimulate high tier gameplay?

Higher tier gameplay is currently being reviewed, as higher-end content is being delivered (Team Battles). If changes are deemed necessary, they will be implemented in due time.


Could we have a detailed explanation to the thinking behind the (complicated) AA changes as well?

Uh, I think it’s already answered above J


Will all captains simply have their skills reset with the patch, or is there a time frame?

All captains will receive the reset automatically regardless of logging in.


What about captains in the reserve?

Look above.

That’s all there is for now, but I’ll check and see later if there’s any more, there just might be. I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns!



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