What’s Coming in 2016

While the public test is going on, WG has released a fairly comprehensive video of features they’re planning for 2016. The video is below, and then I’ve got a summary of the most important parts!

Disclaimer: no, no submarines.

  • Already coming in patch 5.3 we have Team Battles, new Captain Skills, and AA/aircraft carrier changes.
  • An in-game armour viewer so we can see the different parts of our ships and how well-protected they are (or aren’t!). This looks really, really cool.
  • German Battleships and Russian Cruisers are coming this year (as we’ve known for a while now), along with the Royal Navy, featuring ships from Great Britain, Australia, among possible others.
  • German ships include SMS Kaiser, SMS Nassau, and tier 10 Gro√üdeutschland; Russian ships include Kirov and tier 10 Moskva.
  • Weather effects like rain and snow, probably with no effect on gameplay.
  • New consumables and upgrades are also confirmed.
  • New graphics for water, fire, and shells.
  • New sinking animations.
  • A huge aircraft carrier, reminiscent of the Habakkuk was teased! An April Fools event, maybe?

That’s all for now! I’m looking forward to all of this, really, it seems fantastic. We’ll see if WG can deliver on the promises they’ve made in this video (which are quite a lot), or if they’ll get bogged down by bugs and poorly-received features.

Still, I don’t think they can go wrong with the armour viewer… right?

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/wows-2016-plans-submarines/


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