NA Premium Missions Revealed!

The mystery premium ship, never released on the NA server, that we’ll get to fervently perform strange tasks across a number of missions in order to receive?

The Kraken appears!

Why, it’s the Tier 2 Japanese destroyer Tachibana, of course!

…wait, you’re not excited? Okay, well, plenty of people were hoping for something more substantial, like the cruiser Tone for example, but I suppose it’s just not to be. Basically, on the NA server, there are some missions running up until March, similar to the Arpeggio missions. Unlike Arpeggio, though, Tachibana is a premium ship, and can train captains and presumably will make extra credits and XP.

They’ve got some interesting rewards, actually, and arguably they’re better than the ship you’ll be getting in the end! Things like several hundred thousand credits, signal flags, and at the end a day of premium time. The Tachibana, once you get her, also comes with a free captain who already has 6 skill points. Again, not so bad, just a bit of an underwhelming ship, to be honest.

Anyhow, the missions are pretty easy, just basic stuff like hitting enemies with your guns, doing damage, setting fires, sinking ships, and getting ribbons (like for hitting enemies with guns, torpedoes, bombs, setting fires, etc.). If you’re a bit keen, I imagine you could get the Tachibana in about a day.

The one caveat, though, is this: the missions can only be done in a ship of at least Tier 6.

Good luck to those of you trying out the missions! They should be a good bit of fun, and I hope there’s always some sort of mission or event going on; it adds life to the game.



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