5.3 Public Test, With Rewards

Because apparently not enough people play the tests (really?), Wargaming is offering – across all servers – some decent prizes just for playing around a bit. Play one game on the test server, and you get three of every signal flag on your regular account, and win 10 games to get a free day of premium.

Pretty decent, if you ask me. Also, during the test you’ll get extra experience and tons of credits, as well as some doubloons to help you test things. It’s not as crazy as the World of Tanks public test where you get showered with credits, XP, and gold, but it’s still nice and helps with testing somewhat.

Go out there, and enjoy some Team Battles! Test out the new Captain Skills! I’ll try to get in some time playing the test – maybe you’ll find me in a match?

Download the test server client at the link below.

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/public-test-053/


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