Russian Q&A – 28/02/2016

Tired of Q&As yet? Too bad, because there’s yet another one, translated by Carnotzet again on the EU forums, timely as always. This time it’s not technically a regular Q&A like the ones done by Sub_Octavian on the RU forums, but is instead part of a Russian Developer Hour. Remember that because this is a Russian Q&A, some of the answers (like premium shop stuff, for example) might only apply to their server, not NA/EU/ASIA.

Q. What are your plans for 2016?

A.  During this year, we will release 5 or 6 major updates focused on the reworking of some aspects of the game, without introducing much content since they will contain a lot of technical changes (like the reworking done in 0.5.3.)

Q. When will you put Tirpitz and Warspite on sale once again as you promised? And where’s the premium CV?

A. We didn’t promise anything. Both ships were on sale temporarily. During the last sales, almost none were sold, that’s why they won’t be put on sale in the near future. Warspite may be available at the end of May with Jutland. Regarding Tirpitz, maybe with the release of German BB’s (August).

Q. And what about a premium CV?

A. Last week, we did a survey of 40k people regarding what they think about introducing a premium CV in the game. We have already modeled Saipan. We have different options: sell it to everybody, sell it only to CV players or not introduce a premium CV at all. Currently, 11% of players play CV’s. 80% don’t know how to play CV’s at all. Other reasons were already given on the forum (due to CV mirror matchmaking, it’s very difficult to release a premium CV, which could become overpowered if researchable CV’s were nerfed). According to the survey we did on the forum, European and Russian servers don’t want a premium CV whereas Asian and US servers do.

Q. Will you introduce new CV lines?

A. Not this year. We have modeled all of the IJN CV’s : Kaga, Akagi, Shinano. All of them are refitted BB’s. There’s still the cruiser-carrier Tone, we may create a CV subclass starting out of the BB line.

Q. When are clans coming?

A. During the first semester of 2016.

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Warspite on Sale: Soon?

According to a little Russian post I found on the forums, Warspite may perhaps be on sale again for the Battle of Jutland centennial, 31st May/1st June. I’m definitely hoping that they give the day some due recognition, even if it’s probably too early to release British cruisers and German battleships in time. Ah, well, we’ll have to make due.

Source: RU Forums

RU Q&A – Continued!

Ah, I must’ve gone to sleep and missed the extra answers. Here’s the rest of the Russian Q&A translated by Carnotzet on the EU forums, enjoy!

Q. Let’s use a little analogy. We are the consumers of the final product. I don’t care how you baked the cake, who baked it, or how you prepared the cream. I put it on the table and see: instead of cherries, there are olives and sugar was replaced by salt. And you tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat? Perhaps you think it doesn’t taste good? Well, you don’t understand anything! We like the taste. And if your baker thinks something’s wrong with the cake, we don’t care! And then come the modders, who make things right, and instead of barking at them, you’d better knead the dough; we go to some trouble to help you and you’re still not satisfied.

What a shame.

A. Let’s see what you wrote:

“We are the players. I don’t care if you bake your cake according to your recipe, I don’t care what you want, I don’t care that in the end the cake is tasty and everyone likes it. Here and now I want raspberries instead of cherries and jelly instead of cream. After all, I don’t like cherries, I want the cake to have only raspberries because that’s how I like my cake. Do only as I like!”

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Chinese Q&A – 26/02/2016

Now here we are with another Q&A from the Russ- wait, what? Never mind, this is Chinese! Not ASIA, but specifically some Q&A info from the Chinese server, which is self-managed and sort of detached from the rest of the servers. It’s unusual, but there’s some very interesting stuff here. It was translated and posted on the NA forums by friedrich1949.


Q: Will there be new Chinese ships? And how about the Asian line?

A: Asian line will mainly consist of destroyers, 2-3 CL and 1-2 CA might be added. The cruiser Chung King (former HMS Aurora) is almost completed, it probably will be the next Chinese premium ship.

Q: How about Germany battle cruisers (BC)? Some of them don’t have a big gun (for example Scharnhorst only has the 280mm gun), they will be put in battleship line or cruiser line?

A: ​Germany battle cruisers are more like cruisers, most of them will be in cruiser line, and there might be a second cruiser line; also few will be in the battleship line.

Q:How about the Germany battleship (BB)?

A: Germany battle will appear in the second half of 2016, might in the third quarter.

British cruiser line will be the first British line and also appear in the second half this year.

Q: Will the battleship Missouri appear in the game as a premium ship?

A: We suggested Missouri appear in the game as a premium ship and told our idea to Belarus developer before. They agreed with us at that time, but later they changed the plan, now no news for Missouri.

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Russian Q&A- 25/02/16

Another Q&A, translated again by Carnotzet on the EU forums, is here for you to peruse at your leisure. I’ll leave it here below, along with some of my comments a bit after that, as usual. Some actually interesting info this time, though.

Q. Regarding the new VMF cruisers, why did you chose to add two Project 68-K ships (Shchors and Chapaev) and leave out Project 68-bis (Mikhail Kutuzov)? Could you also shed some light on what ship project does Budyonny is based on?

A. Shchors is Project 28, Chapaev (stock hull) is Project 68, Chapaev (upgraded hull), Project 68-K, Budyonny is Project 94. We did not feel the need to add another Project 68-bis as there already is a premium ship based on that project.

Q. Questions regarding team battles.

1. How long will the maximum tier allowed in Team battles remain at 8, and respectively, when will tier 9 and 10 ships be allowed in TB?

2. When do you plan to (and do plan to at all) to add rankings to team battles, like a top 100 list?

3. With the introduction of Team battles, I cannot stop thinking about the implementation of clan functionalities, a global map and other amazing stuff. Do you plan to introduce those elements?

A. 1. We plan to allow tier 9 ships to enter TB 6 weeks after the start of the “season”. We still don’t know when we will stop the season and tally the results.

2. We don’t know yet, stay tuned.

3. We have a group of developers already working on those aspects of the game. When we have concrete elements to show, we will naturally share them with you.

Q. Why aren’t ranked battles flags displayed on some carriers (Zuiho, Langley)?

A. They are displayed on every ship, you just have to find them. Some carriers have them hanging on the side of the ship.

Q. What did you do to Tirpitz in patch 0.5.3? Since then, I get citadelled from all ranges, from 12 to 20km, when before I wouldn’t fear any citadel hits from BBs at those distances.

A.  We haven’t made any changes to armour values or main/secondary guns shells that could have affected Tirpitz. I just checked, average damage dealt to Tirpitz by BB’s has decreased by 500 after the patch. It may thus be just an impression.

Q. 1. Why are new maps created only for tier 9-10 ships? Do you prioritize high tier content? I spend most of my time playing at tier 5-8, and I’d like to be able to play on new maps at these tiers. I understand that ships at those tiers don’t have as much range as say Yamato but they have higher speed to compensate. Haven’t map developers considered lowering the ship tier of new maps?

2. Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? If you reduce the number of CV’s to one on each team, it will result in

-having more CV players waiting in the queue and thus more battle with CV’s (since only two CV’s could join a battle at any given time), which would please AA oriented cruisers and BB’s.

-players sailing on ships with weak AA stop whining because they get focused by two CV’s at the same time (this particularly affects high tier battles).

What do you think?

A. 1. Yes, we focus more on high tier content. That is why we don’t plan on adding new maps for low and mid tier battles.

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New Commemorative Flags Added

It’s been all quiet on the Warships front lately, but there’s at least something today: new flags, as well as achievements. The achievements are fairly plain, just commemorative ones noting that you took part in the Alpha/Beta tests. The flags are a bit more interesting.

These were leaked a while ago, but now they’re in the actual game client themselves, rather than buried in graphics files or anything.

The BW/CBT/ALPHA flags are for the Open Beta Weekend, Closed Beta Test, and Alpha Test. If you were in all three, then you get all three, simple as that. They’re a bit plain, to be honest, and I don’t think I’d put one of them on my ships often, but they’re a nice enough gesture. The Alpha tester flag, at least, gives a 5% experience boost; not much, but I suppose it’s not bad.

The four-leaf clover flag there has a file name “Val_Player” which leads me to believe it’s actually a flag given out to people with good karma. Basically, people who have a certain number of compliments, rather than reports, given to them. WG mentioned a while ago that part of the compliment/report system would be to give little bonuses – like flags – to players who are good sports and presumably get lots of compliments. I’m not sure if many people will be getting this flag!

The rather faded-looking WoWs logo flag is listed as “Season_Flag000” which is in line with the names of the Kure and Hawaii flags, which were Ranked rewards. We can assume that this here is just a placeholder for when the next season of Ranked Battles starts.

The three Test flags are still being added to the appropriate users, so if you’re on NA and don’t see it, it might be a little while before you see yours show up.

Public Test Rewards

Took them long enough! If you remember, back during the public test for patch 5.3, you could win some stuff just by playing on the test server. Play a single game and you got 5 of every single flag, and I think 10 or so wins got you a day of premium. Now those rewards are finally being rolled out, though right now EU and NA don’t seem to have a news post about it yet. If your account is on either of those servers, I imagine you might have to wait until you get the link from the news portal/launcher to claim your rewards.

According to the ASIA news, at least, you have until the 3rd of March to claim your public test rewards.