Russian Dev Q&A: 27/01/16

There’s an interesting Q&A up on the Russian WoWs fansite recently; I can’t translate Russian myself, but I’ll offer a general summary of it, courtesy of the haphazard translation skills of Google. If you want to check out the raw Russian text, just click the source link at the bottom.

  • The noted Tier 10 American cruiser, USS Buffalo, definitely won’t be coming this year despite having been in the game files for a long time. (a possible future Clan Wars reward, perhaps?)
  • Currently, missions – like the Arpeggio ones, for example – can only be done in Random battles, not Ranked. The devs are looking to change this, and update 5.3 might allow for missions to be progressed through in Ranked battles, though the word ‘test’ is mentioned, so it might be added temporarily to see how it goes.
  • German destroyers were teased, but with no release date given, of course. They’re coming, and will have good guns, apparently: they’re huge 150mm and 155mm cannons, quite a lot bigger than even the guns on Russian destroyers currently in the game.
  • More videos about what’s to come in the future of WoWs are planned for February.
  • As has been mentioned elsewhere, 5.3 is going to include a rework of AA mechanics, as well as the composition and characteristics of airplanes. Example changes given are: decreased difference (likely statistically-speaking) between planes of different tiers; improve the role of anti-aircraft destroyers (not entirely sure what this is supposed to mean…); strengthen the effect cruisers have on air defence at higher tiers; and increase the percentage number of planes lost at higher tiers, while lowering those lost at lower tiers.
  • More news on the AA changes are planned for the beginning of February.
  • Some developer responses to questions about Yubari, as well. She’s earning credits well, has the highest number of plane kills of all Tier 4/5 ships, and only beaten at Tier 6 by the mighty Cleveland. Yubari also tends to survive longer than other ships of her tier, except the alpha tester ship Iwaki, and people who own her like to play her quite a lot. Also in comparison to Iwaki, she’s got a comparable DPS, apparently according to the stats, but is overall performing similarly to destroyers of her tier, rather than cruisers. Also her critical module damage frequency is simply average, not “all the time” as some people say – again, according to stats.

And that’s all for the Q&A! I’ll try to keep an eye out for more of this kind of stuff, to see what I can decipher. Russian is a bit of a toughy for Google, but I’m sure she can manage to get a few good answers out of things like this.

I hope the information here is interesting to everyone – and again, if you want to see the actual Russian questions and answers directly, they’re right below at



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