Project R Extended for NA/February Preview

Project R In-Progress

Recently a lot of people have been worrying that Project R would end at 4 million pearls well before it was supposed to come to a close around February. That’s not longer a worry, as now on the NA server, the maximum pearl count has been increased to 6 million, offering more opportunities to reach the 260 needed to guarantee yourself a Kamikaze.

Wargaming also released a February Preview video, highlighting a few things to come next month, but most notably a new series of missions allowing NA players to unlock a premium ship that hasn’t ever been released on the server. That’s a little specific, isn’t it? Speculation abounds, from the Japanese cruiser Tone to the contest-only Mikasa, or perhaps one of the four new premiums recently added to the game files in patch 5.2.3. We’ll know more on February 1st.

For those wondering, Kamikaze will be given to players either when the 6 million goal is reached (is it even possible!?) or after February 14th. Awww, WG is giving us Valentine’s presents, how sweet!

As always, I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on all the new, fun stuff. But remember: this news specifically is for the NA server only!

If the EU (or even RU, maybe, though their Project R event is a bit different) version of Project R changes as well, I’ll be sure to make an article about it. I’m hoping they follow the same route as the NA crew!



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