Welcome to the Fleet Review!

Welcome to the Fleet Review, a dedicated World of Warships news site.


Hello, and thanks for coming to visit this site. It’s not much right now, but for a while I’ve had an idea of running a site dedicated to World of Warships news, a single place where people can find the latest updates on the state of the game, as well as ideas as to what might be happening in the future.

I’m Five_X, a player on the NA server, and I’ve been playing since Beta back in spring – though not always as consistently as I’d like. I used to play World of Tanks, too, but lately haven’t had as much interest in that. I suppose I just prefer ships, which is actually a bit ironic, considering that I get uncomfortable on the water. Luckily for me, I can’t drown in a virtual ocean!

What I want most is an easy site where people can find news about World of Warships, as well as some articles about historical ships and perhaps a bit about my experiences in the game. I won’t just be copying and pasting articles from other sources, though; I want everything I write here to have a bit of a personal touch.

I hope this site will help people out and enrich the community!

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