New Premium Ship: Destroyer ‘Lo Yang’

According to the Asia server website, the destroyer Lo Yang of the Republic of China Navy is coming to the game at the end of January. So, within about a week, hopefully. This is only for the Asia server, though; no news yet on when or even if it will appear on any of the other servers.

Lo Yang, DD-14 in the ROCN, was a Benson-class destroyer given to the Republic of China – in fact, it’s the very same ex-USS Benson that shows up in the US destroyer tree in the game already. She will probably have the same configuration as Benson‘s C-hull upgrade, though I doubt Lo Yang will be the exact same as her existing counterpart. Some of her stats will probably be changed, but nothing about that’s known yet.

What’s especially interesting is that the same news post also subtly announces a new tech tree: “Panasia.” Presumably, this will include ROCN ships and People’s Liberation Army Navy ships, acting effectively as an equivalent of the “China” tech tree from World of Tanks.

On the left, I’ve got a picture of Lo Yang, and on the right a picture of USS Benson from after WW2. They’re… not exactly any different, but Lo Yang will definitely have a fancy camouflage scheme of some kind, at least.

I’ll post any more updates I find on Lo Yang when I find them!



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