EU: Lo Yang On Sale

The EU server now has the Lo Yang on sale to buy and to love, for those of you wanting the first taste of the new tech tree – and surprisingly, it’s not a bundle. This confirms that Lo Yang will not be an ASIA-exclusive, but at the same time, Anshan might be. Only time will tell; still, Lo Yang has shown up in WoWs official news posts more than Anshan, so that makes me wonder if we ever will get her over in EU/NA.

I imagine NA will be getting Lo Yang soon enough, at least – maybe in a month or a few based on NA’s record of late premium ships, haha.

If you do buy Lo Yang, I hope she’s worth the money.



Update 5.3 Teaser

The EU site has made their own preview video, and this one is a bit juicier than the one released by NA. What does it tease, exactly?

Team Battles!

Already in World of Tanks, Team Battles are 7v7 games with pre-made teams, similar to Clan Wars but on a smaller scale. WoWs will probably use a similar model, and no doubt this is going to be a precursor to a proper Clan Wars game mode. Because it’s made up of actual teams, not randomly selected players, it should offer a whole different kind of gameplay – no doubt more high-skill and competitive – than Random or Ranked.

The video also hints at new planes for aircraft carriers, as well as showing off Training Rooms, a feature lots of people have been waiting for. Hopefully we’ll have those, too! They’re useful for just messing around and checking stats and stuff, and playing mock games with friends and bots – assuming it’s the same as in WoT, of course.

You can read more about Team Battles from WoT here, to get an idea of what they may be like for WoWs.

That’s all for now. Have fun playing, and keep checking back for more updates!


The Real Kamikaze

Last year, around October, a number of ships were added into the game files; among them were the Japanese destroyers Fujin and Kamikaze. Fujin was soon announced as a special Halloween ship, but mysteriously there was nothing to say about Kamikaze. There was, actually, quite a lot of confusion when it comes to the two ships, as Kamikaze is a real vessel, while Fujin is a WG-created clone of Kamikaze with a different coat of paint.

Naturally there was a small uproar – a bit of a storm in a teacup – about the “fake” ships. It gets even trickier, because Kamikaze was the name of two Japanese ships, one built in 1905, and the other in 1922.

Japanese destroyer Yunagi
Kamikaze’s sister, Yunagi

The one we’re gathering up all these pearls for is the 1922 lead ship of her class, and one of the few Japanese warships to survive WW2.

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Lo Yang on Sale – ASIA

Coinciding with the beginning of Wargaming’s exposition at the Taipei Game Show, the Taiwanese Tier 8 destroyer Lo Yang is on sale – but only on the ASIA server. As usual, no word on if/when she will come to the other servers, and the same goes for her fellow Pan-Asia ship Anshan.

Still, we’ll get to see some firsthand accounts of how Lo Yang plays soon enough from SEA, and the rest of us will either be jealous or happy that we’re avoiding a lame ship.



Project R Extended for NA/February Preview

Project R In-Progress

Recently a lot of people have been worrying that Project R would end at 4 million pearls well before it was supposed to come to a close around February. That’s not longer a worry, as now on the NA server, the maximum pearl count has been increased to 6 million, offering more opportunities to reach the 260 needed to guarantee yourself a Kamikaze.

Wargaming also released a February Preview video, highlighting a few things to come next month, but most notably a new series of missions allowing NA players to unlock a premium ship that hasn’t ever been released on the server. That’s a little specific, isn’t it? Speculation abounds, from the Japanese cruiser Tone to the contest-only Mikasa, or perhaps one of the four new premiums recently added to the game files in patch 5.2.3. We’ll know more on February 1st.

For those wondering, Kamikaze will be given to players either when the 6 million goal is reached (is it even possible!?) or after February 14th. Awww, WG is giving us Valentine’s presents, how sweet!

As always, I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on all the new, fun stuff. But remember: this news specifically is for the NA server only!

If the EU (or even RU, maybe, though their Project R event is a bit different) version of Project R changes as well, I’ll be sure to make an article about it. I’m hoping they follow the same route as the NA crew!


Russian Dev Q&A: 27/01/16

There’s an interesting Q&A up on the Russian WoWs fansite recently; I can’t translate Russian myself, but I’ll offer a general summary of it, courtesy of the haphazard translation skills of Google. If you want to check out the raw Russian text, just click the source link at the bottom.

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Patch 5.2.3 Notes

It’ll be here very soon! Here’s the notes for it; it’s not the massive update people might have been waiting for, but hey, at least the devs are working on something, right?

Improved Earnings

  • Tachibana: +21% Credit earnings
  • Tachibana Lima: + 21% Credit earnings
  • Mikasa: +21% Credit earnings
  • Albany: +21% Credit earnings
  • Diana: +21% Credit earnings
  • Diana Lima: + 21% Credit earnings
  • Fūjin: +8% Credit earnings and +11% Experience earnings

New Premium Ships

These ships are not yet available to the general public and have been added for preliminary testing purposes, but you may see them in battle during their sea trials!

  • Tier II US destroyer Smith
  • Tier III Japanese cruiser Katori
  • Tier VI Pan Asian destroyer Anshan
  • Tier VIII Pan Asian destroyer Lo Yang

Additional Notes

  • Increased the number of daily allowed compliments and complaints from 5 to 7
  • Fixed issue with extended stern fires for cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov
  • Fixed issue with “chance of fire on target” to incorrectly display while in Port with “Victor Lima” and “India X-Ray” Signal Flags equipped
  • Fixed issue with the national flag for battleship New Mexico to vanish with hull A installed
  • Fixed incorrect display of performance characteristics in the tooltip of the type 2 torpedo module for destroyer Mutsuki
  • Fixed issue with voiceover for “Arpeggio” ships that mixed up notifications for allied and enemy teams

That’s it for now. I’ll note that nothing has been confirmed yet regarding the premium ships and how they will be released/put up for sale. I wouldn’t be surprised if USS Smith and Katori are event-related somehow. The PLAN/ROCN destroyers should arrive around the 30th, coinciding with the end of the Taipei Game Show, but not necessarily for all servers.